welcome empty nester

Feeling Lost & alone Since
your children Left Home?

Want To Fully Engage With Life?

wondering what is next?

You Are in The Right Place !

Create More Meaningful & Enriched Experiences.
Impact & Empower Yourself & Others.
Nourish Your Personal Growth.

Be More Energised, Joyful and On Purpose.

The Dream Architects'

VISION is to Raise the Consciousness of Empty Nesters

Around the World

As an Empty Nester, you may at times feel lost, disengaged, and irrelevant.

We know how you feel, we did too ...

How can we help?

The Dream Architects' MISSION is
To Empower Empty Nesters

by Giving them Everything they Need

to Add More Life to their Life

Increase the Beat of Your Life Pulse & Live an Extraordinary Life by mastering

Our 3 key Pillars


How Do You Experience Life?

Your life is said to be measured, not by the breaths you take,

but by the moments that take your breath away.


How Do You Contribute In Life?

No matter how big or small your contribution, if the intention begins from your heart, and is done without expectation, life flows in abundance for all.


How Do You Grow In Life?

Growth is a reflection of your willingness, determination & courage to step outside your comfort zone & to consistently be curious.

Become the Hero of your life.

Transform mediocrity, doubt, confusion, and fears

into strong ECG Living.

How it works

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Chat with us

Book a time to speak with us, so that You are crystal clear about how we can match

Your unique needs

to what we offer.

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self guided programs

Our self-guided programs are designed for You to learn at your own pace, implement and review everything You need to start Your new life journey.


Guided programs

Our guided programs, and our one-on-one coaching sessions, help you to accelerate & elevate Your ECG Life Pulse even faster, giving You everything you need to add more Life to Your Life.

Why is Growth important for you?

Mark & Michelle share their
personal experience of Growth
and how Growth can
help YOU transform your life.

Hear What Others Have To Say

E. Q.

Newcastle, NSW Australia

"Thank you Michelle for teaching me to understand and evaluate the reasons behind my ambitions. By doing this, I realised my true values and could focus on new ways to make my dreams reality. You have taught me how to be conscious of my thoughts, language and actions, as well as how to break down goals into achievable steps. I am so grateful for your wisdom, patience and understanding, thank you."


Newcastle, NSW Australia

"Michelle has provided our organisation with much needed support in developing the skills and confidence of our staff in the areas of client liaison, leadership and business communication. While it was tempting to send our staff to another group course, we found that Michelle's individual, tailored and targeted guidance services were far more effective in progressing staff members. It allowed them to take on more responsibility and leadership roles which then allowed us to develop and expand our business. Thank you Michelle!"

Sarah Garrett

Perth, WA Australia

"I was feeling lost and directionless before I started the coaching earlier this year. My relationship was rocky and I felt like I was just 'going through the motions'. The coaching with Michelle has given me so much insight into myself and effective ways to work on myself to be the person I want to be. I have truely grown and my relationship has blossomed!! Thank you Michelle, your coaching is invaluable."

Why The Dream ArchitectS

are right FOR you

Serve first

To create peace and kindness around the world, the easiest way is to start by being kind to the next person you connect with, and suggest they pay it forward.


Optimised learning and retention takes place when learning is enjoyable, relevant and associated with strong positive emotion.


Feeling that you belong is a strong human need that helps you to see value in life and nurtures your need for love and connection.


Aim to show integrity in your thoughts, words, intention, and actions.

Your GROWTH Options

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With each personal & transformative program,
You will:

  • Find out what Your life Pulse Rating is
  • Be reminded who You really are
  • Tap into a higher level of awareness
  • Understand what You no longer need
  • Decide what tools and resources You do need for the journey ahead
  • Be empowered with knowledge and insight to initiate an inspired level of action and transformation
  • Feel more energy and life has been added into Your life



Design a Dream filled new chapter.

Have fun & make close friends along the way.

A 9 Week design & Co-Creation Challenge designed to help you Create Your unique Life Plan,
Feel Like You Matter & Engage Together with Empty Nesters Just Like You.

Connect Deeper. Grow Further.
Make a Difference.

9-week fun-filled guided Co-Creation sessions.

In an Exclusive Group of 8 to 12 like-minded people
saying 'YES' to
I Matter”.


Developed through the extensive study of human evolution and modern hunter-gatherer communities, you will be introduced to 'WildFit’. One of the most central principles is that “every living thing has a diet” and that when we consistently eat our correct human diet, we experience greater health and longevity.

Millions of empty nesters around the world struggle every single day with their weight, unhealthy cravings, their energy levels, their sleep patterns, and their overall wellbeing.

A 90-Day Challenge that guides you through a gentle,
yet powerful process that creates lasting change
to your relationship with food.

Get to Know Our Team

The Dream Architects team is passionate about experiencing life in all its dimensions,
learning from a place of curiosity and anticipation, and giving from an intention of love and service.

The Dream Architects was born from our passions.
You see, we love the EXPERIENCE of travel; we love to CONTRIBUTE and we love to learn and GROW.
These 3 pillars have created for us an extraordinary life of freedom, bliss and anticipation of each day.

The Dream Architects want YOU to also embrace life with all your being.

We look forward to the moment you make the decision to be guided by us.

Your unique IMPACT will add to the growing ripple of love and elevated ECG life pulses around the world.

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Mark O'Toole

Entrepreneurial Architect

Mark is a father of twin daughters, who are now in their 20's, and have flown the nest to lead their lives in their chosen careers of music & sound. He left his career in Architecture after 23 years designing & managing other people’s dream building projects, to now pursue a mission where he makes a more personal & long-lasting positive impact in people's lives.

Mark is the CEO of 'The Dream Architects' & a Certified Wildfit Coach.

He is a leader, a teacher, and an altruist who has a passion for travel & adventure while truly experiencing & treasuring life's memorable moments.

Together with his wife, Michelle, he is co-author of their soon to be released book ...

'The Drop Impact for E-Nesters’.

A speaker and eternal student in mindset, energy, health, martial arts, & design, Mark is curious about ways he can continue to optimise his life experiences & is passionate about helping others do the same.

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Michelle Lee

Dream Designer

Michelle has been an empty nester for about 5 years and lives at the top of a mountain on the Gold Coast of Australia. Her two daughters in their mid-20s are busy building their lives in Perth and Sydney Australia.
Michelle has been a Personal Development Coach for 12 years dedicating her time to helping youth & their parents through challenging times, both through her business and at a voluntary level.Life has been Michelle's biggest teacher. She has experienced many transitions, some easy, others not so.
In her 52 years, Michelle has lived on 4 continents, traveled extensively for pleasure and business, been a physiotherapist, physiotherapy practice owner and manager, youth empowerment coach, career transition coach, charity coordinator, speaker, and author of two books.
Her first book titled “Ripples” is a collection of inspirational real life stories for youth, and her second, co-authored with Mark, soon to be released, is titled ...The Drop Impact for E-Nesters”.
Michelle has more curiosity than her cats, Marshall, Mishka and Mr. Whistler.
She is the fun part of 'The Dream Architects' with her crazy sense of humour, a weird love for penguins, and a huge heart to serve.