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I heard about Empty Nesters Mums Empowerment through Juice radio station. I was immediately interested as a light bulb moment happened where I said “this is me, this is where I am in my life. The biggest challenges were probably being open and honest to strangers, but it didn’t take long to feel comfortable.I have tried some counselling but I don’t think it actually occurred to me why I felt so lost and empty. My breakthrough was the awareness that I don’t tend to seek help I just keep to myself and feel very alone. The biggest thing I learnt is to reach out for help and also to realise that it normal to feel this way. The biggest thing I learnt was I am ok, I am not alone and I have done a good job to raise a child into an independent confident adult. It has made me feel proud and not so sad. Michelle’s coaching is amazing. She is very warm open and honest and I believe the fact that she is an empty nester, means she is coming from the same place as anyone participating in the course. I would highly recommend this course. I loved it. It was easy and enjoyable.

Jullie Teuben ~ 2021

Michelle is passionate about what she does and she loves to empower empty nester mums . She is inspiring with her own journey which has not been easy .
Through her own experiences she brings forward her strength and encouragement to help others release their heavy backpacks to transform their lives .

Highly recommend Michelle

Kaye Vleeshouwer ~ 2021

No matter where in your life you need guidance or support, you always will be in good hands with Michelle and Mark.

conni maddy ~ 2019

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Taylor Clark, Project Mgr

I didn't know that I needed this product in my life but now I cannot imagine living without it! I truly love it and I know you will too!

Morgan Smith, Web Designer

You are going to fall in love as much and as quickly as I did with this product. It saves me so much time and money. Give it a try!

Peyton Lee, Marketing Mgr

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