From Feeling Irrelevant & Invisible to Feeling Empowered & On Purpose. Empty Nester Mums Making Their Dreams Come True. Join empty nester mums in this dynamic value-packed 3- day program, that will guarantee you fee

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Empty Nester Mums
Making Their Dreams Come True

Join empty-nester mums in this dynamic value-packed
Online 3- day program, that will guarantee you feel

SO much better about yourself and life.

If you are an empty nest mum who is struggling through loneliness, separation, divorce, depression,

and feeling disempowered and irrelevant,
it needn't be this way.

two dates for you to choose from

10 am aest
23rd, 25th, & 27th
august, 2021


4 pm aest
6th, 8th, & 10th
September, 2021

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What is included?

  • 3x1Hr Live coaching calls:- participate in live coaching calls delivered by specialised coach and mentor, for parents over 45yrs,
  • Recordings of the live calls:- receive recordings of all coaching calls so you can watch again in your time,
  • Your Personal Playbook:- record your learnings and insights,
  • A 30-minute personal strategic coaching session:- to guide you through your personal challenge


What empty nester mums like you are saying


"I am an Empty Nester and on my own and for a time felt very lost. I just finished Michelle’s Mums Empowerment Program and the information I learnt from that made me realise that I don’t have to do things on my own .

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There are people I can reach out to for resources and I’m certainly not the only one going through what I’m going through although sometimes it feels like a lonely journey. I particularly like the powerful meditations that Michelle lead us through on forgiveness and lightening our load. I feel so much lighter and brighter. Filling my own cup up first is the key to life! Michelle delivers her content in a genuine caring, compassionate and loving way. If you are an Empty Nester looking for new ways and new connections, I would recommend you do this course with Michelle. Thanks Michelle"


"I heard about Empty Nesters Mums Empowerment through Juice radio station. I was immediately interested as a light bulb moment happened where I said “this is me, this is where I am in my life.

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The biggest challenges were probably being open and honest to strangers, but it didn’t take long to feel comfortable. I have tried some counselling but I don’t think it actually occurred to me why I felt so lost and empty. My breakthrough was the awareness that I don’t tend to seek help I just keep to myself and feel very alone. The biggest thing I learnt is to reach out for help and also to realise that it normal to feel this way. What I learnt was I am ok, I am not alone and I have done a good job to raise a child into an independent confident adult. It has made me feel proud and not so sad. Michelle’s coaching is amazing. She is very warm open and honest and I believe the fact that she is an empty nester, means she is coming from the same place as anyone participating in the course. I would highly recommend this course. I loved it. It was easy and enjoyable."


"Michelle Lee gets to know you and cuts to the chase all at the same time. She helps you meditate in short time frames to get straight to the heart of the issue and the solutions.

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Her descriptions and understanding of situations are impeccable. Her preparation is evident, her compassion is almost tangible. She shares and helps you to feel comfortable sharing. Most of all, Michelle gets you thinking, feeling, expressing and communicating. She helps you take that first step out of your comfort zone and into empowerment. I highly recommend her 3 day program and will be signing up for her 6 week Empty Nester Rites of Passage program as soon as I'm able! Don't hesitate, just do it! "


"When I started the Mums Empowerment program with Michelle, I was in a very dark place especially with feeling the loss of loved ones and feeling disconnected from my relationships. I learned many different ways to cope with everyday struggles.

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However, the biggest one for me which had me in tears, was how to let go of the heaviness I was carrying around. I have often found it so hard to move forward in life. I realised why. Not only was my life backpack heavy, it was overflowing with so much stuff I did not need or even want. I am so grateful for Michelle's coaching, and continued support. Thank you so much Michelle."


Michelle Lee

Human Potential Coach for Empty Nesters,
Michelle is an Empty Nester, an Author, Speaker, & Youth Coach.

With over 13 years of experience, Michelle has guided many mums like you, through various life challenges, to living with purpose, joy, and love.