The baseline to living a strong ECG Life Pulse is having

outstanding health & vitality.

That's because ....

Your Body Matters !

The challenge, however, is we have become so uncertain about

what to eat & what not to eat.

Are there some foods you want to eat less of ...

and other foods you want to eat more of ?

Are you confused about what ‘healthy’ actually means ?

Or do you already know, yet you’re not eating healthy because

your cravings are out of control ?

Are you sick and tired of using food to soothe (or numb) those stressful emotions ?

Are you so busy with life, with running your business, and no time to exercise ?

Then, you are in the right place !

Welcome to ......

WF-Logo new-WildFit

What is WildFit ?

Developed through the extensive study of human evolution and

modern hunter-gatherer communities,

one of WildFit’s most central principles is that “every living thing has a diet”

and that when we consistently eat our correct human diet,

we experience greater health and longevity.

Listen to the Founder of WildFit, Eric Edmeades, as he explains how WildFit came to be

and why we must come together to transform the food industry

to make the world a healthier place.

What is holding you back from true


Millions of empty nesters around the world struggle every single day with their weight,

their energy levels, their sleep patterns, and their overall wellbeing.

We understand you are frustrated & confused, so we are here to help you ...


The 6 human hungers, how to recognise each one, and perminantly eliminate cravings.


How to change your behavioural patterns & ensure you will never feel powerless to food again.


A Master at making Empowering Decisions to improve your health in all areas.


A deeper & more fulfilling appreciation of food & how it serves YOU in every moment.


The 4 natural food seasons and the nutritious meals for each that will energise, serve & excite you.


Your natural health, skin tone, sleep pattern, libido, energy, & the body that will carry you
for many years ahead.

Need more Information?


New empowering food rules that serve (not enslave) you.


No counting calories. No excessive exercise. No upsell to buy supplements or energy shakes.

No shaming. No fasting. NEVER go hungry again!!!

If you are not satisfied at the end of 90 Days, and have participated in all of the practices & enhancements,

you will receive your money back. That is how confident we are!!!

Greg's WildFit Journey

I’ve been a diabetic for 27 years and I’ve had ulcerative colitis for 10 – autoimmune diseases run in the family. I thought I had everything under control, although there were clear indicators that I could do much better. I had a belly and I was at least six kilograms too heavy; I was taking more insulin than a colleague who was much larger than me; I was taking anti-inflammatory medication every second day when my specialist suggested to take it only when necessary; and I often felt fatigued. There were small things too. My cracked toenail hadn’t healed for five years and occasionally I got dandruff. My health doesn’t read well does it? Truthfully, I didn’t feel too bad and I thought I could live with my problems….

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One day I was eating a very ordinary meal at a camp with some friends. I can’t remember the discussion, but considering soggy cardboard could have tasted better than what I was eating, it was probably about how bad the food was. One friend, Mark O’Toole, started talking about Wildfit. He mentioned the significant changes that occurred in his life because of Wildfit and he mentioned that he was a Wildfit coach. He asked if I was interested in giving the 90-day challenge a go. Now some of those health indicators mentioned above were running through my head. I expressed my interest and a couple of months later, I started the Wildfit 90-day challenge!

It’s now more than one month since the challenge finished and I’m still living Wildfit. And it isn’t difficult. Here is why:

  • The Wildfit program isn’t like other diets. You aren’t thrown into the deep end and expected to swim. The program uses psychology coupled with dietary change to ensure success in the short-term and the long-term. In hindsight, the way healthy eating is incorporated into the program is very clever;
  • Support is a critical component of the 90-day challenge. There is a certified coach (more about Mark later) that keeps contact, discusses with you the program, what you are going through, coordinates meetings, provides recipes and generally points you in the right direction for success. I undertook the program with other participants, whom I met via video conferencing at least twice per week. That was comforting! There are also videos from the founder and other information is provided. And after the program has finished, there are groups on social media that have finished the program too. There is no shortage of support!

If I had to choose one standout facet of the program, it is the ever-supportive coach. And mine never let me down. My coach was Mark O’Toole, who lives in the Gold Coast hinterland. But it doesn’t matter where he lives in relation to the participants because of the amazing online support that he offers. He has had participants living on the other side of the globe. Mark was always there with inspiration and answering tough questions, thereby making the journey relatively easy. He even connected me with another diabetic who happened to be a Wildfit coach, a doctor and someone who was writing a book on diabetes and Wildfit! Amazing! I strongly recommend talking to Mark – he is passionate about healthy living and genuinely wants people to be happy and healthy.

Lastly, what did I get out of wildfit? My list of problems that I provided at the start of this testimonial can be countered with the side effects I experienced by the end of the program:

  • I lost more than seven kilograms and reached a weight that I last experienced when I was a teenager;
  • I lost more than 11 centimetres around my stomach;
  • I’m taking much less insulin compared to before the diet;
  • I don’t need to take medicine for ulcerative colitis anymore;
  • My cracked toenail has now healed;
  • I don’t have dandruff;
  • I have much more energy and part of that is because I don’t have massive upward and downward glucose spikes anymore;
  • I feel better in my own skin.

These benefits are because I’m eating and drinking healthily. It was easy to make the change because of how the 90-day challenge is structured and because of the support from fellow participants and an amazing coach. Check it out!

Greg Lollback, Australia.

Dec 2019


Naise's WildFit Journey

When I started Wildfit with Mark, I thought I was eating healthy in general. I had few minor health issues, so I put it down to getting old and didn't think much of it.

I live a busy life and, as a consequence, I was always tired, bloated, I would run out of energy, I didn’t sleep well, I had dry skin and high blood pressure.

This program is not a diet, it's a lifestyle change, consolidating nutrition and psychology. It is powerful and transforming ....

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I have learnt SO much from this, that it is now a way of life for me. I know what's good for me and what's not. I understand the relationship between food and my body. I understand the many types of hungers that are often mistaken for food. I gained insights into the food industry, and I now understand more clearly, how that powerful mind of ours is controlling the decision we make about our food.

I now have a relationship with food, and it is an amazing transformation and a huge learning experience both mentally and physically.

I have lost 7 kilos, no meds for blood pressure, skin feels revived, energy level is high and best of all I am in control of how I feel, look and live.

If you want lasting lifestyle change, contact Mark. He is the man, he is the most helpful, knowledgeable, fair dinkum, professional and passionate coach you will ever met. You won’t regret it.

Because of his encouragement and examples, I now eat well, sleep well, enjoying life and I am also exercising 3x a week + Yoga.

I have learnt to slow down taking one day and one step at a time.

Life is what you make it.

Thanks Mark!

Naise Dermott, Australia

Dec. 2019

What is included?

  1. Access to the program:-receive your personal login to access the training videos delivered by WildFit Founder & Master Coach, Eric Edmeades.
  2. Live coaching calls:- participate in live coaching calls with Mark (Certified WildFit Coach) and your fellow WildFitters in a communicative group.
  3. Personal 1-on-1 sessions:- each participant will have 3 x 30min sessions with you certified coach, Mark.
  4. Private Facebook group:- join your WildFitter mates in a private FB group to asks questions, share stories, swap recipes, support each other, and learn more information about the program and healthy living.
  5. Recordings of the live calls:-receive recordings of all coaching calls so you will never miss out or watch again in your time.
  6. Living WildFit e-book:- receive FREE as your guide to Living WildFit, once you complete the 90-Day program.
  7. Ongoing Support:-be added to the Global WildFit Facebook group at the end of the program, where you will continue to receive group support from fellow WildFitters from all over the world.




Video modules
by founder

Eric Edmeades


Hours of Live
online coaching with

Certified Coach, Mark


Decision to
healthier living

Holger's WildFit Journey

A few days ago, I finished my 90-day WildFit challenge. If you're about to make your own decision, you might be wondering if it's worth it, if WildFit isn't just another fashion, and if it's really worth the financial investment.

To put it in a nutshell: Yes, absolutely! And even more than that!

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But one after the other:
Just 90 days ago, I was suffering quite a bit from overweight and often felt weak and exhausted. In order to loose weight, I had already tried numerous dietary changes, only to return to my old habits a few days later. I bet you can understand how incredibly frustrating that was!

But since I knew Mark O'Toole and knew that he would never offer anything he wasn't 100% convinced of, I committed to that adventure. And in retrospect, I think that was really the best decision I could make.

There is so much that happened in those 90 days!

The fact that I have lost many kilos of body fat during this time and have now come very close to my desired weight is not even the greatest success. Much more valuable is that my eating habits and preferences have changed fundamentally: I am no longer interested in unhealthy foods that I used to stuff myself with on a regular basis. I don't even like many of them anymore. Instead, I developed a real enthusiasm for fresh fruit and vegetables during this time. Therefore, I am absolutely convinced that my success will not only be a short-term success.

And I feel more energetic, motivated and comfortable in my body again.

This development was made possible by the excellent concept and structure of the WildFit program. The start is gentle and does not overwhelm anyone. And also the later increases grow very gradually and are taught in a didactically excellent way. Particularly good about this is that you are never forced to do anything, but invited - so that you always have a choice and can take your individual needs into consideration.

A very special gift was the coaching by Mark O'Toole. Mark was an outstanding tour guide during the time of the WildFit challenge, who through his intuition and his great empathy helped to master also the challenging stages of our path. At the points where my own motivation was threatening to decline, it was often Mark's patience, his unconditional commitment and his contagious enthusiasm that brought me back on track.

So if you are at the crossroads of deciding if WildFit might be a fit for you, my invitation would be: Do it! It's in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped

Holger Bienlenstein, Germany

Sept. 2019

Michelle's WildFit Journey

I have tried numerous programs to assist me with both weight loss and regaining my very depleted energy levels.
I am super thankful that I said YES and that I have had a major shift in my relationship with some foods and non-foods. I feel stronger and clearer in my ability to make my choices. I feel FREEDOM in my nutritional decisions...

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Mindset is the biggest shift. I am certain about saying "no" to certain non-foods which I was addicted to in the past. When I say "no", I make that decision with clarity, without fear of loss and more importantly because I feel like honouring my health and my body's needs.
I loved Eric's videos and the clear and very interesting information that was provided. Even though the mindset portion was repetitive, it was great to hear it over and over, so that I had time to implement the shifts deeply into my being.

Mark was very supportive, incredibly patient, and his certainty and enthusiasm for the WildFit program as well as his compassion and love for us as participants to create optimum health, was obvious.

What I found with WildFit is there were additional results that I didn't expect:
1. Living WildFit allows me freedom - it is not restrictive, it has now become a choice.
2. I feel good that I can finish a 90- day program, this is the first time that I have, and it was thanks to the regular video support and twice weekly coaching calls.
3. Seeing friends that I did the program with, gain health benefits and mindset shifts was the best part, as I know by inviting them to join me, that I have also contributed to their vitality and longevity.
I believe that EVERYONE can benefit from this program, and knowing that Mark as the certified coach, is 100% invested in the success of each of his clients, makes a huge difference.
THANK YOU for your patience. and commitment to my progress.
THANK YOU for treating me no different to any other client.
THANK YOU for showing by example, for walking your talk, for personally living WildFit.

Michelle Lee, Australia

Sept. 2019

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