Dear Empty- Nester

You matter.

When you are faced with a major life transition, when your kids have left home, it is all too easy to look at yourself in the mirror, and not even know who is looking back at you.

We understand. We are empty - nesters of 4 daughters. We have felt the tugging of the heartstrings, and we have also at times, felt like we no longer matter. So, you are not alone.

The thing is, you do not have to feel alone, lost, confused, or irrelevant, as you let go of the role of full or part-time parent.

We felt compelled to write this book, to guide you to rediscover you again, encourage you to dive deep into the recesses of you, invest in yourself, ignite those forgotten dreams, immerse yourself in unfamiliar yet nurturing environments, and to re-frame your impact on the world.

It is in your DNA, in your human nature to dream, to explore, to conquer, to make a difference. To live a life “on purpose”.

Be ready to evolve on a personal and spiritual level. You are in the perfect time of your life to position yourself at the front of the consciousness wave, and set an intention to make choices and decisions from a place of love and service.

In this book, we cover 3 powerful pillars that we have found have helped us to live a joyful, passionate and extraordinary life of connection, adventure, and service. They are Experience, Contribution, and Growth.

We trust this book will be your faithful guide, that you will keep on your desk or by your bedside. A guide you can pick up whenever you need a mentor, a friend, a boost of inspiration.

Crafting The Drop Impact For E - Nesters has been an immensely rewarding experience for both of us and we are thrilled to share our learnings with you, so you too can lead an immensely extraordinary life.

Much Love

Michelle & Mark