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What Early Readers Are Saying About The Book

💧 Though written for the empty nesters of the world, this book has the power to guide anyone going through transition to embrace life with open arms...

💧 Sink or swim. It is your choice. The Drop Impact is not a float ring to save you nor is it an anchor to keep you steady. It as a beacon of light in the large uncertain ocean of your mind...

💧 An intuitive and simple to understand guide to living a life expression of love,

joy, freedom, and clarity...

💧 In a world where we are continuously being given messages that we are not enough "unless" we have, do, or be a certain way, it can be confusing, frustrating and numbing. The Drop Impact guides you step by step to reconnect with your true self, empowering you to question everything with love, to make choices and decisions based on what flows for you, and in doing so reconnect deeply to your soul and to everyone and everything...

💧 A refreshing and creative blend of
stories and wisdom, The Drop Impact is what every empty nester needs most to sail through to the next phase of life - the authors are two loving people whose kids have left home, who have harnessed the energy of their combined experiences, sharing their best drops of impact, for you to stand out and live big...