19th June 2020

Jane St Catherine | Awakening Your Spirit of Adventure

Today’s pod guest is a dear friend of ours, a lady who has an undeniable spirit of adventure: Jane St Catherine

Jane lives at Thredbo Village, a large alpine resort in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales in Australia, one of her many dreams that she manifested, a far cry from the secure suburban existence she lived a lifetime ago.

In her 30’s, Jane left her husband and an office job, and set off on an old 250cc trail bike to ride around the world. With determination, courage and resilience, she overcame many challenges, reinventing herself and adapting to many circumstances along the way.

She immersed herself into many diverse experiences, from working in Parliament House, on prawn trawlers, driving 400 tonne mining trucks and teaching children on outback Australian cattle stations.

Jane has an insatiable curiosity for life, nature and humanity, which has led her to some remote and very interesting areas of the world.

It is a pleasure to have Jane on as our guest, a woman who truly embodies a love for life. May you, as you listen, be deeply inspired to drink from the rollercoaster of life, while being gentle on yourself as you pursue your dreams.

In This Episode Find out:

  • “I was born a gypsy…” (03:40)
  • The adventure begins with a motorbike and no money (5:00)
  • Loving the cold in minus 60 deg C in the Arctic (9:30)
  • “My last grain of rice...which bridge will I be living under?” (10:20)
  • “I just clung onto my dreams...nobody can take those away from me.” (12:48)
  • From motorbikes to monster trucks (15:00)
  • “Pana...what?!”(15:43)
  • Leaving Western Australia with a desperately broken heart (18:30)
  • The Cinderella story (22:30)
  • “Have a go!” (24:50)

Connect with Jane St Catherine:

Blog: http://inspiringwomenwhotravel.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/janestcatherine/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InspiringWomenWhoTravel

Other Resources Mentioned in Podcast:

Book featuring Jane St Catherine:

Pebbles in the Pond (Wave One): Transforming the World One Person at a Time

3 Learnings Jane lives by:

  1. To trust myself and the process of life
  2. Having an open and loving heart
  3. Living gently on the earth