Episode 35 - Being Fearless
with Jessica Seiders

March 2021

Jessica Seiders - Being Fearless

In this week's podcast episode, we introduce a fearless mum who will inspire you with her courage and personal growth: Jessica Seiders

After becoming an empty nester in 2018, Jessica struggled hard with empty nester syndrome. She was sad, lost and confused as to what she wanted to do with her life.

In January 2019, she made the decision to sell all of her belongings and quit her job to travel the world where she went on a journey of self-discovery, made Bali her home and ultimately found her purpose for helping empty-nester mums.

A must listen for empty nesters struggling to navigate through a major life change, or for anyone who is apprehensive of taking the next step in life, career, or relationship.

We know you will love and be inspired by this podcast episode with Jessica.


Key points of this episode with Jessica:

  • (02:03) Jessica’s background as a single mum
  • (04:38) Sinking into the empty-nester syndrome
  • (05:38) The biggest first step for Jessica
  • (08:20) The impact on her daughter
  • (08:45) Building confidence through social connections and contribution
  • (11:00) No passport, no job and on a plane to Spain
  • (13:20) Surrendering to the Universe
  • (14:30) Inspired and paying forward the inspiration
  • (16:00) Her South East Asia adventure in search for her purpose
  • (17:15) Getting “stuck” in Bali after borders closed and flight canceled
  • (19:30) Creating her course to inspire empty-nester mums
  • (20:00) Focusing on enhancing her health despite having POTS
  • (26:30) Balancing structure and flow
  • (30:45) Jessica’s definition of an awakening soul

Connect with Jessica Seiders:

Website: https://fearlessemptynester.com/