Episode 34 - 'Transition with Purpose' with Elly Hurley

February 2021

Elly Hurley - Transition with Purpose

In this week's podcast episode, we introduce a lady who in her 54 years has embraced many facets of life, flowing effortlessly through many a transition: Elly Hurley

Elly is a strong family-oriented lady from New Zealand. She began her first major transition in her 20’s when she landed in Australia to play softball. Since then, her personal life, career, and relationship transitions have been significant. Not one to shy away from change, Elly takes each of these transitions in her stride. Her life tools to transition with ease and grace are numerous: having a purpose, being open to growth, challenging the status quo and many more that you will discover in this conversation.

Elly is a lover of many things including coffee, movies, technology, and rugby. However, her biggest love is to serve and help humanity. She contributes and connects with her many satisfied clients through her two businesses, Nudge Marketing and Green Balance Health.

A must-listen for empty nesters struggling to navigate through a major life change, or for anyone who is apprehensive of taking the next step in life, career, or relationship.

We know you will love this podcast episode with Elly.


Key points of this episode with Elly:

  • (01:25) Reflecting on 2020, its challenges and benefits
  • (04:10) The transition from high level softball in New Zealand to playing for Australia
  • (06:00) Transitioning from civilian life as a sales and marketing to the police service
  • (07:40) Navigating transition in relationship with Helen and her son
  • (08:03) Personal development, and her transition from the police force to hypnotherapist
  • (09:50) More transition from hypnotherapy to business sales and marketing mentoring
  • (10:25)What is Nudge Marketing
  • (13:40) Elly’s many life tools on how to transition more easily
  • (16:05) No end vision
  • (17:53) Power of core values and living in the present
  • (21:28) Embracing growth, and challenging the status quo as tools for life and business
  • (29:00) Knock on your neighbour’s door!

Connect with Elly Hurley:

Email: elly@nudgemarketing.com

Website: https://nudgemarketing.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nudgemarketing/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NudgeMarketing.au