Episode 33 - The 3 Cups
with Michelle Lee

February 2021

Michelle Lee - The 3 Cups

In this week's podcast episode, Michelle Lee reflects on 2020/21, the impact world change has had on humanity and how through deep reflection and revelation, many have come to more deeply crave one thing: freedom.

So can we reclaim our freedom? Absolutely!

We invite you to explore the 3 Cups teachings as Michelle applies this wisdom to each of The Dream Architects’ ECG teachings of Experience, Contribution and Growth. Living with a strong ECG pulse is your way to your personal freedom.

Michelle is an empty nester of two daughters who are in their mid-20's. She has experienced many physical transitions in her 52 years, moving countries, houses, careers, and transforming her emotional, mental and spiritual being through conscious learning. She is an experienced Personal Development Coach and has for more than 12 years dedicated her time to helping youth & their parents through challenging times, both through her business and at a voluntary level.

Michelle is an author, speaker and now the Dream designer at The Dream Architects where together with Mark O’Toole, her partner in love, life and business, they help empty nesters to add more life to their life.

We trust our messages drop lovingly into your heart. Enjoy!

Key points of this episode with Michelle:

    • (02:15) Reflecting on 2020 and 2021 and our
    • (03:10) Acknowledging the downside of the world shake-up
    • (05:30) The opportunity and gifts presented to us
  • (08:10) We seek to be free
  • (09:30) Applying the 3 Cups wisdom to the ECG life pulse
  • (10:25) The cup of Experience
  • (12:12) The Cup of Contribution
  • (15:10) The Cup of Growth
  • (17:57) How to do the ECG life using the 3 Cup wisdom

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