Episode 31 - 'Awaken to Healthy Nutrition' with Kate Eason

25 November 2020

Kate Eason I Awaken To Healthy Eating

In this week's podcast episode, we speak with a lady whose passion and zest for healthy living is leading her on a mission to build a healthy world through educating what true health feels like. Introducing: Kate Eason

Kate is the owner of Food deFined. She helps empower people to create an eating lifestyle that helps them balance their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life.

Outside of her work, Kate lives what she teaches by creating scrumptious wholefood recipes, regular hiking, netball, singing, enjoying the sunrises, and engaging in continuous self-development.

A country girl with a keen sense of adventure, Kate had by her mid 20s, travelled around the world taking in many different cultures and experiences. She personally knows the positive value of community and contributes with regular volunteering in her own community on the Gold Coast.

We know you will be uplifted by Kate’s passion for healthy food, just as we were. Enjoy!

Key points of our conversation with Kate:

  • Kate’s journey towards healthy nutrition (03:20)
  • The majority of people don’t eat real food (07:00)
  • Reasons many have lost the art of nourishment (11:43)
  • People don’t realise how good they can feel (13:09)
  • The importance of balance and community (14:40)
  • Know what works for YOU (16:16)
  • Using biochemistry to pinpoint physiological imbalances (21:31)
  • The Dream Architects link arms with Kate (28:00)
  • How healthy eating applies to empty nesters (30:00)
  • 3 healthy tips to awaken to a healthy balance for our audience (34:00)

Connect with Kate:

Website: http://fooddefined.com.au/

Email: mail@fooddefined.com.au

FB PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Definedfood/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fooddefined/