Episode 50 - 'Awaken to a New You' with Annette Cruz-Padilla

18th November 2020

Annette Cruz-Padilla I Awaken To A New You

In this week's podcast episode, we speak with a truly amazing lady who embodies the ECG pillars that add more life to life; Experience, Contribution and Growth. Introducing Annette Cruz-Padilla

Annette has managed to fit into her 50+ years of life more than most people have. She calls herself a quasi - empty nester with her son having left, returned and left again, and a special needs daughter who is finding her own way in life. When you listen to the number of career roles Annette has had prior to retirement, added to that being wife, mum, Ombudsman and much more, you will not be alone in wanting to crown her the Queen of Transition!

In this episode, discover how this extreme human who was a Law enforcement professional for 30 years, first responder, hostage negotiator, a DoTerra Oils Director, peer support mentor, Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentor, Girl Scouting Leader, Ombudsman and more, continues to make a positive impact and is creating a legacy through her role as a lifestyle coach at URSoBusted.com.

Annette’s inspiring passion, energy and enthusiasm fuels her mission to help retiring and retired first responders to navigate through the uncertain and at times chaotic post-retirement period. She wants to help change the narrative for first responders, using her own life learnings, guiding them to peel back their old identity to discover who is truly within, whilst honouring the non-negotiables of life.

We know you will be uplifted by this conversation, just as we were. Enjoy!

Key points of our conversation with Annette:

  • Growing up of both sides of the law (02:20)
  • How debt opened up her career in law enforcement (03:53)
  • Jails vs prisons (05:55)
  • The many different roles Annette had as a first responder (06:47)
  • Annette, proud mum, wife, and empty nester (09:24)
  • Empty nest to full nest, due to Covid (10:00)
  • Experiencing her son in a totally new way (12:27)
  • The different gifts her daughter brings (18:52)
  • Education expectations, and self-growth (24:47)
  • Annette’s mission and passion for empowering retired First Responders (29:00)
  • The magic of self-discovery and personal growth (29:50)
  • Taking her health more seriously (31:07)
  • How WildFit, Baby Groot, and Deadpool, helped her change her relationship with food! (35:36)
  • Annette’s mission of serving and mentoring First Responders through URSoBusted (41:25)
  • Annette’s definition of an Awakening soul (46:02)

Connect with Annette:

Website: https://ursobusted.com/

Email: acruzn@gmail.com

FB PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/acruzcita

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/u_r_so_busted/