Episode 3 - Awakening to One Step at a Time

with Naise Dermott

6th May 2020

Naise Dermott | Awakening to One Step At A Time

Today’s pod guest is our very good friend: Naise Dermott

Many empty nesters, and empty nesters- to -be, will resonate with the message Naise has for you. Naise is a part empty-nester, mother of 3 beautiful children, counselor, coach and soon to be author, about to launch her new book The Deliberate Climb.

Naise has a heart of gold, a calm easy presence, which is all the more incredible as she has weathered a personal storm or two in her life, one very recently. Not one to ever give up, she is here to tell you her story, to inspire you to conquer your climbs in life, and to also know the true meaning of taking life one step at a time.

EACH and every one of us has our own mountain to climb. Mountains help us sort out exactly what is important in our lives. They initiate us to greatness. May you be inspired and enriched in reaching your mountain tops, one deliberate step at a time.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Naise’s transitions begin early in life (08:00)
  • The difference between “reason” and “purpose (16:30)
  • The shame and loss of self -worth that hit her (19:00)
  • Taking ownership (21:00)
  • The turtle sets off (22:30)
  • Make pain your friend(27:00)
  • Climbing the tallest outdoor building climb in Australia (34:00)
  • Naise’s deliberate and intentional climb - One Step At A Time(36:00)

Connect with Naise Dermott:

Website - www.moneyessentials.com.au

Book - The Deliberate Climb [Launching 2020]

Email - dermottn@gmail.com