Episode 29 - Awaken to Being Curious

11th November 2020

Tanya McQueen I Awaken To Being Curious

In this week's podcast episode, we speak with a truly special soul, a lady who has overcome many labels throughout her life, through resilience, humour and curiosity. Introducing Tanya McQueen

Tanya is on a mission to help awaken others to their soul’s purpose and to create and deliver poignant heartfelt messages that deeply influence through their authenticity. This is possible through Tanys’s unique kaleidoscope of life experience. Tanya’s choices, her addictions, her highs and lows, the love, joy and humour she shares, her curiosity for humanity, and her skills for photography, videography, numerology and much more, have woven a tapestry for those who choose to be awakened to their life’s calling.

Tanya lives her life out loud and is acutely perceptive. Born in the South Island of New Zealand Tanya followed her soul calling to move to Queensland Australia in 2019, broadcasting her mission of expansion and living life deeply.

On Episode #29, Tanya shares her incredible journey of pure resilience. She is now at a place of balance between her dark reminders and her fun playful joy of living.

Mark and I are grateful and honoured to have experienced the love, kindness, abundance and magical energy of this truly beautiful and compassionate soul, on both a personal and professional level in 2020. We know you will be uplifted by this conversation. Enjoy!

Key points of our conversation with Tanya:

  • How Tanya turned labels she was given into a gift (02:42)
  • Drinking, drugs, bad food and the 20- year journey of learning to love herself (06:50)
  • How curiosity saved her life (08:30)
  • The voice on the beach (10:10)
  • The phone call that jolted Tanya to a place of deep gratitude (13:25)
  • Heeding the call of the soul (16:40)
  • Getting curious and having fun (20:33)
  • Sharing our soul purposes with the world through video (24:19)
  • Soul purpose video using modern technology and ancient wisdom (28:08)
  • Numbers and their energy vibration are everywhere! (29:31)
  • Choosing your preferred “radio station” (33:20)
  • Honouring the dark and the light (35:34)
  • Tanya’s funny take on what is an awakening soul (38:00)

Connect with Tanya McQueen:

Email: tanyamcqueen8@gmail.com

Phone:+61 428 393 480

FB PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/TanyaMcQueenFilms/