Episode 28- 'Awaken to Food Freedom' with Mark O'Toole

4th November 2020

Mark O’Toole - Awaken To Food Freedom

In this week's podcast episode, we explore the mission of The Dream Architects which is to add more life to the lives of empty nesters. We chat with the co-host of this very podcast, WildFit Nutrition Coach: Mark O’Toole

When Mark became an empty nester, he knew this time of transition was his opportunity to find the answers to a challenge that had been haunting him for years. That challenge was born out of an extremely tough time in Mark’s life. For 11 years, he cared for his very ill wife, as they both struggled to raise their first-born, twin daughters.

Mark shares why he is doing what he does as a WildFit Coach, and what the WildFit program is about and how it is helping people to transform their relationship with food..

Key points of our conversation:

  • Becoming Nutrition Coach not on his radar (02:20)
  • How Mark’s late wife’s cancer led to his mission to create change (03:09)
  • Mark’s ice cream cravings (06:35)
  • Ice-cream and rocks & fun times (07:10)
  • Discovering WildFit (09:40)
  • Overcoming physical limitations (11:42)
  • What is WildFit? (15:11)
  • Hope for people in their 40s and beyond? (17:38)
  • Greg halved his insulin levels and got rid of ulcerative colitis (17:53)
  • Naise shed weight plus heart and blood pressure medication (19:02)
  • Mike dropped 15 kgs in 90 days (19:16)
  • What is your North Star? (20:08)
  • Expectations of health based on an already sick society (21:15)

Connect with Mark O’Toole:

Book a chat: https://calendly.com/michelle_mark-tda

Email: mark@thedreamarchitects.com

FB PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/mark.otoole.TDA

FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2277749752486811/

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  • 'How to Change Your Relationship with Food'