Episode 27 - Awaken To Relationship Freedom
with Annie Kallis

21st October 2020

Annie Kallis I Awaken To Relationship Freedom

In this week's podcast episode, we speak with a passionate Relationships Architect who boldly calls out the bullshit stories we tell ourselves: Annie Kallis

Annie is on a mission to help her clients build strong relationship foundations that will withstand the storms of life. She works primarily with men to help them overcome their hurt, resentment, and fears by using a system called the AKRA system. Annie supports them with tools that focus on building romance, passion, and meaningful bonds into their lives. She knows that with the fulfilment and personal freedom they gain, they have the fuel to manifest the delicious relationships that they truly desire.

Annie experienced, navigated, and eventually thrived after her own crisis of a 21 years broken marriage. Going through this challenge created a burning desire to help prevent others from going through the same devastating emotional pain, the financial stress of a divorce, and repercussions in the lives of the unspoken casualties - the children, who often unknowingly will perpetuate the cycle and repeat it in their own lives.

We know you will enjoy this lively, dynamic and passionate conversation with the “No BS Relationships Architect” whose message to the world is “Forgiveness is Freedom.”

Key points of our conversation with Annie:

  • Where Annie’s story began (03:44)
  • The value of interdependent relationships (05:30)
  • Beginning her awakening through Landmark (08:22)
  • The impact of Tony Robbins, T. Harv Eker, Blair Singer (10:20)
  • How she navigated her marriage break down (12:38)
  • The AKRA System & its applications (20:00)
  • The courage to say sorry (28:20)
  • Redesigning the empty nester relationships (30:20)
  • Changing the stories and becoming present (34:20)
  • The Golden Zone (39:00)
  • Why she is passionate about coaching men (41:30)
  • Awakening to forgiveness and freedom (49:40)

Connect with Annie Kallis:


FB PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/annie.kallis

Website:AnnieKallis.comnb [under construction at time of recording]