Episode 26 - 'Awaken to Your Impact' with
Dr Akoje Omo Okonkwo

14th October 2020

Dr Akoje Omo Okonkwo I Awaken To Your Impact

This week's podcast episode was such a blast! We have not laughed so much in one sitting before!! We welcome from the UK: Dr Akoje Omo Okonkwo.

Akoje is such a beautiful shining light! She is mum to 3 gorgeous young children, an educator, a motivational speaker, a transformational business and personal coach, a clinical teacher, and an accomplished and highly accoladed dental surgeon, with a very soothing voice.

Throughout this wonderful insightful chat, Akoje reminds us of the importance of being open to change and process and acknowledging that life is happening for us. Akoje’s mission is to be a source of hope and strength and to do acts of inspiration that transform the lives of many women around the globe.

Akoje shares stories of rising from setbacks in her life, using her resilience and courage in the face of adversity, her love for learning and growth, and her contribution to helping women embrace their potential for leadership. She inspires us to live lives filled with fun, joy, laughter, clarity, truth, confidence, alignment, authenticity, awakening and most of all, LOVE.

Akoje’s most powerful saying is, ‘In your breaking point lies your biggest breakthrough if only you will walk through it.” Enjoy!

Key points of our conversation with Akoje:

  • A shocking yet defining experience at the young age of 12 (03:45)
  • Transforming as a leader (06:00)
  • How her love for helping and nurturing people was ignited as a young child (07:55)
  • Equipping, inspiring and empowering women to take ownership of their lives (11:27)
  • The many gifts gained from many transitions and challenges (19:20)
  • Learning to trust again and the power of love and gratitude (23:00)
  • Embrace the present moment and squeeze the juice out of every day (24:30)
  • Inspiration from Victor Frankl (27:50)
  • Helping empower women to step up as courageous leaders (29:45)
  • Akoje’s next big experience (35:28)
  • Her dream contribution (38:13)
  • Some of her biggest fears revealed! (41:20)
  • What is an awakening soul? (47:15)

Connect with Akoje Omo:

FB PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/omo.okonkwo

FB Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/unitedsisterswomenofimpact

[a platform set to celebrate women from around the globe]

Unted Sisters Podcast http://hyperurl.co/unitedsisterspodcast

Other Resources Mentioned in Podcast:

“Man’s Search For Meaning” [book] by Viktor E. Frankl