Episode 25 - 'Awaken to a Really Good Life' with
Janette Morris

7th Oct 2020

Janette Morris I Awaken To A Really Good Life

Today’s pod guest is a young 57 year old grandmother of 4, Jackson [11], Imogen [9], Lachlan [6] and Albury [10 months]. She is wife of 37 years to Steve, a massage therapist, a Zumba and yoga instructor, social butterfly, and cruise junkie who has been navigating the constant changes that come with a growing family, a love for growth and adventure and recently Steve’s early retirement : we welcome Janette Morris

When Janette’s two daughters left home age 18, she transitioned through the empty nester period without batting an eyelid. She attributes this to getting involved with things she is passionate about. Over the years, Janette has learned to make choices that are best for her. No longer does she run around and attend everything including “the opening of a chip packet”, as she jokes about. As she has gathered more wisdom through the years she now chooses a different way of being, does what she wants to do, and flows through the constant changes around her.

We start Janette’s life story from the age of 20 when she married Steve and moved from Sydney to a mining town called Singleton, and explore her life’s transitions, culminating in a powerful message from her mum who died this year aged 76, so make sure you listen in till the end.

Key points of our conversation with Janette:

    • Raising family in Singleton for 36 years (03:30)
    • Easier transition in your older years (05:00)
    • Rock n roll, social life and massage - how they helped her flow through the empty nest period (09:00)
    • The importance of finding a job you are passionate about (13:30)
    • Cruise hungry! (18:25)
    • 10 pound Poms and the Big Brother Movement (21:40)
    • Australian Ant Attacks (22:15)
    • How loneliness triggered Janette to help others through their loneliness (25:00)
    • Combining cruising with contribution (26:00)
    • Zumba & Yoga contribution with the University of the Third Age (27:20)
    • Don’t live life with regret (31:50)
  • The beautiful gift Janette’s mum gave her [and all of us] on her deathbed(32:40)

Connect with Janette Morris:

Email: massages@y7mail.com

FB PAGE: Janette Morris Massage and Fitness


Other Resources Mentioned in Podcast:

University of the Third Agehttps://www.u3aonline.org.au/