Episode 24-Awaken Self Love

30th September 2020

Onneile Thamuku I Awaken Self-Love

Today’s pod guest is another dear friend of ours. From the exotic land of Botswana Africa, lives a wonderful soul who is helping awaken young and old to the beauty of loving relationships. We welcome to our podcast: Onneile Thamuku

Onneile Thamuku, affectionately known as Mr Thams in some circles and as Onnie in other circles, is a success coach who is passionate about helping people develop loving relationships with themselves, and therefore with others. He also helps his clients to become successful in the areas of personal finance, health and recovery from divorce. Onnie contributes much time in inspiring and helping empower youth in Maun, where he resides, a town known as the tourism capital of Botswana, a gateway to the Okavango Delta.

In this episode, Onnie dives deep into the foundation of what makes relationships work, highlighting the many ways in which people, animals and plants reflect back to us their wisdom.

In a time when travel and face-to-face connection is restricted, it is always so deeply satisfying to engage in deep conversation about things that matter, with friends from around the world. Enjoy!

Key points of our conversation with Onneile:

  • How divorce inspired Onneile on his mission today (05:09)
  • How the relationship you have with yourself matters (09:00)
  • You are the central processing unit of your life (12:35)
  • Connecting to nature in Maun Botswana (16:54)
  • Born in a cattle post (18:05)
  • Living near elephants, lions and giraffes (20:55)
  • Relationships with animals (22:45)
  • 7 types of relationships in life (28:50)
  • Relationships with cats and dogs (38:01)
  • The experiences Onneile wants for the future (42:50)
  • Onneile’s legacy (47:00)
  • What is an awakening soul (52:30)

Connect with Onneile Thamuku:

Email: successthams@gmail.com

FB: https://www.facebook.com/onniethams

FB PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/CoachThams

FB GROUP: https://www.facebook.com/groups/289490488580340[Thams Success Coaching]