Episode 23 - 'Awaken to Financial Autonomy' with
Paul Benson

23rd September 2020

Paul Benson I Awaken To Financial Autonomy

Today’s pod guest has been passionately helping Australians achieve their financial goals for over 20 years. Empty nesters, if you are wondering about how to master your financial future, and live your best lives now, instead of waiting till you retire, this is the podcast for you. We feel very honoured to welcome our guest: Paul Benson

Paul is a Financial Planner for Gen X & Y Australians, Author of a brand new book, and Producer of the hugely successful Financial Autonomy Podcast. He resides in Melbourne, Australia. Paul’s podcast is centred on an observation, that what we all really want is choice in life. That might be a choice as to when we retire, a choice as to where we live, maybe a choice in what we do and how many hours we put into income producing activity.

The podcast led to a book deal, which is helping Paul reach even more Australians achieve their version of Financial Autonomy. The book is called Financial Autonomy - The Money Book that Gives You Choice

In a time when our certainty in many areas is being shaken, financial uncertainty has been on the rise for many. Paul addresses this and offers some strong foundational wisdom for everyone, wisdom which always involves autonomy, your choice. Enjoy!

Key points of our conversation with Paul:

  • Empty nester time is the best time to focus on when we want to have the choice (04:10)
  • Education around clarity of goals and mindset (06:10)
  • Developing a trusting relationship with a financial planner (08:05)
  • The Financial Autonomy Podcast (09:47)
  • Reflecting on what success means for you first (10:44)
  • Exposing those unnecessary expensive purchases (11:30)
  • Where do we derive happiness from (14:15)
  • Understanding the market during uncertainty (17:11)
  • Financial Autonomy - The Money Book that Gives You Choice (24:18)
  • Exploring 3 financial strategies for building wealth (25:30)
  • Seeking freedom in all aspects of life (29:12)
  • Thoughts on virtual currency (30:20)
  • 3 ways to getting started with investing (31:20)
  • The importance of your “Why” and Paul’s “why” (34:30)
  • Final positive optimism for empty nesters (38:55)

Connect with Paul Benson:

Email: paul@financialautonomy.com.au

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulbensonaustralia/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/financialautonomypodcast/

Twitter: Paul_Benson11

Other Resources Mentioned in Podcast:

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Financial Autonomy Book


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