Episode 22 - 'Awaken to Plant Spirit Medicine' with
Marc-John Brown

16th September 2020

Marc-John Brown I Awaken To Plant Spirit Medicine

Today’s pod guest is a Shamanic Practitioner and Plant Medicine Integration Coach. He is closely partnered with a retreat centre in Peru's Sacred Valley collaborating with the Shipibo tribe:Introducing Marc-John Brown

Marc-John works hand-in-hand with the country's indigenous populations to educate the modern world on the ancient ways of utilising sacramental plants for personal discovery and growth. The teachings centre around living in harmony with nature and with Pachamama, our Earth Mother.

Marc-John travels the globe regularly, taking indigenous tribe members with him on a mission to take their Earth-based wisdom ways powerfully to the wider world. He collaborates with several non-governmental organisations which seek to protect the indigenous way, as they grow in popularity around the world.

Marc-John's message is one of high vibration and inspiration in a modern setting, whilst remaining well-rooted in the ancient ways of the tribes with which he works.

We are so pleased to be bringing you a fascinating and uncommon topic, which raises questions and controversy, only because the majority of the world’s population is unaware of the value and magic of plants as a natural healing and spiritual medium.

Key points of our conversation with Marc- John:

  • Life beginnings in Edinburgh (03:00)
  • Marc John’s South American childhood influence (03:10)
  • Scotland to Argentina and his first spiritual awakening (04:20)
  • Heart learnings and relationship with spirit (07:40)
  • An eternal apprentice of the path of shamanic healing ways (13:03)
  • What is a Shamanic practitioner? (14:07)
  • Different types of Shamanic practices (16:14)
  • Who would choose Shamanic practice? (19:13)
  • What does drinking Ayahuasca do? (21:00)
  • The ripple effects of the jungle medicine (24:49)
  • Facilitation, plant communication and healing (26:00)
  • Maturing along the path (29:15)
  • Exploring and honouring Empty nester transition (32:30)
  • The Eagle & the Condor (37:00)
  • Australian retreats planned (43:00)

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Other Resources Mentioned in Podcast:

  • The Teachings of Don Juan -A Yaqui Way of Knowledge by anthropologist Carlos Castaneda
  • The Eagle And The Condor Blog by MJ:
  • Castaneda Book The Teachings of Don Juan