Episode 21 - Awaken to Being Seen & Heard
with Michelle Sorro

9th September 2020

Michelle Sorro I Awaken To Being Seen & Heard

Today’s pod guest is truly a rare soul, a bubble of joyful energy, a lady who lights up the room and your hearts, whose every word is so very precious: introducing Michelle Sorro

Michelle has a list of accomplishments longer than all our arms put together. She epitomises what we believe are the 3 pillars essential for living with a vibrant life pulse. Our connection with Michelle has been all about awakening to a deeper experience, witnessing heartfelt contribution and more than anything, she has helped us to grow out of some pretty stubborn self-limitations. Had it not been for Michelle’s expert guidance and mentorship, as well as the support of her team at Ginni Media, this podcast would possibly still be on the to-do list! You would not be listening to the stories our amazing guests are sharing, and we certainly would not be having as much fun connecting and having conversations, as we have been over the past 4 months!

Born near Seattle and now living in Santa Monica, California, Michelle is on a wholehearted mission to empower millions to be seen and heard, through a high integrity, online impact.

Her many and varied experiences over the years, include and are not limited to being an actress on The Young & The Restless, award winning TV show Host, a highly successful real estate expert, author of the successful book, "The Voice of Gratitude - Celebrating the Gift of Friendship", Founder of a not-for -profit organisation for children, host of the highly rated Fire & Soul Podcast, and we must not forget, the obsessive mama of her gorgeous dog Samson.

As we graduate with our 21st episode, we are honoured to celebrate and thank this beautiful soul, Michelle Sorro. Please enjoy!

The many drop of Michelle’s wisdom:

  • When I look back and connect the dots (04:30)
  • Focusing on honour, gratitude and humility (05:05)
  • The heartfelt fulfilment of seeing her podcast children fly the nest (06:30)
  • Cultivating the empty nester mindset (07:00)
  • Podcaster graduates on a mission to impact thousands of lives (08:30)
  • Finding truth in having a voice (09:20)
  • Action breeds clarity (12:28)
  • Empty nesters owning their power (14:00)
  • Live video is for you if ... (15:35)
  • How Michelle wants to live her 2nd act with more grace, ease and flow (16:20)
  • Why Michelle is on a whole hearted mission to empower million to be seen and heard (20:25)
  • The gateway is giving up control and surrendering (22:00)
  • If we just get out of our way, then we tap into our flow (23:38)
  • Waking up at Date with Destiny (25:20)
  • Everything you want and how you want to feel, is on the other side of consistency (26:44)
  • Contraction is a gift (27:40)
  • It’s all love (30:00)
  • The essence of an empty nester (32:30)
  • Stepping into being a courage activator (37:20)

Connect with Michelle Sorro:

Email: michelle@michelle-sorro.com

Website: https://www.michelle-sorro.com/

Fire & Soul Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/fire-soul-real-talks-on-self-love-spirituality-success/id1397044270

Feature on Tony Robbins website: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ds3qjTJnH-U&autoplay=1&mute=0

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/michellesorro/?hl=en

Other Resources Mentioned in Podcast:

Podcast Accelerator Program: https://michelle-sorro.ck.page/6ac153adca

FB Live Challenge! Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2119048648130266