Episode 2 - Awakening to Your Truth

with Billie Lue-Fung

29th April 2020

Today’s pod guest is extraordinarily special to us: Billie Lue Fung

You will fall in love with this lady’s heart, as we did, when co-creating with her in 2018/19. Through her Divine Mind Intelligence framework, she guided us to greater awareness of how to truly FEEL, and how to make choices based on a synchronised heart and mind. Her insight and wisdom has helped us to see ourselves in a different light, and her laughter and joy will have you smiling from ear to ear.

Billie Lue Fung engages us through her life journey from being raised by a blind lady, awakening to her gift, then being told at the age of six, to shut down her truth. She then lived the next 25 or so years of her life in a lie, attracting pain, violence, and unhealthy relationships. Billie shows us how she journeyed back to her truth, through experiences at tops of mountains and ones beyond her physical self. A riveting experience, enriched with so much growth, wisdom, love and joy.

Billie is the Director and Creator of Divine Mind Intelligence (DMI), a proven system, that helps her clients activate their nature, as quantum creators, thus attaining levels of Mastery that they once thought impossible. Billie co-creates a myriad of future visions, with clients from diverse backgrounds, guiding through DMI and quantum readings.

Billie Lue Fung’s mission is to serve from the highest point of consciousness, through love and truth, so others can awaken to their own truth.

EACH and every one of us has our TRUTH to discover and to HONOUR. It does not matter what your experience is, and it does not matter what anyone else thinks, what MATTERS is that you are here in your human body, to discover your TRUTH, to reconnect with your divinity, to know thyself and to experience UNIVERSAL TRUTH, which we know is LOVE.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • About the basic mind and how it holds us back (09:00)
  • That “the only way out is to go in.” (11:00)
  • What caused Billie to shut down her truth (18:00)
  • What people are really most afraid of (25:30)
  • When Billie begged for answers (30:00)
  • The powerful vow Billie made at a bus stop (48:00)
  • The powerful tool that brings you freedom and ultimately truth (51:00)

Are you ready to open up to your truth?


Forgiveness Practice with Billie Lue-Fung