Episode 17 -'Awaken Your Resourcefulness'
with Rose Siva

12th August 2020

Rose Siva | Awaken Your Resourcefulness

Today’s pod guest is a wonderful empty nester, grandmother, and author of children’s books: Rose Siva

Rose has had a lifelong love of books and reading – and dinosaurs. When her first career choice (looking after the Queen's horses) fell through, she immediately decided she would be an archaeologist so she could dig up dinosaurs.

However real life got in the way of her dreams at age six, and many years and two kids later she found herself running a private education business with a focus on learning and reading skills.

By chance, Rose attended a lecture on Queensland Dinosaurs, which opened up an opportunity for her to volunteer to work on real dinosaur bones in Winton in 2008. With a reliable 4WD, two weeks of spare time, and a can-do attitude, she found herself camped in the shearers’ quarters on the Elliot property some distance from Winton where a number of dinosaur bones had been found. There she learned how to be preparator and is now a lifetime supporter of what is now the Australian Age of Dinosaurs.

It was a pleasure to have Rose on as our guest, a woman who takes life in her stride, showing much resilience, resourcefulness, and a “can-do” attitude, as she reinvented herself and adapted to many changes along the way. We know you will be inspired!

In This Episode Find out:

  • A “can-do” very normal kind of life (02:50)
  • No waiting for anyone to fix your problems (03:10)
  • Not shackled to any one belief (06:25)
  • Two eyes, two ears and one mouth (06:50)
  • How decision making affects what you do (07:15)
  • Seeing an opportunity (09:10)
  • Immensely proud of her two children (09:45)
  • “I’m really good at packing boxes…” (15:00)
  • Having faith in yourself and resilience (15:15)
  • The power of visioning (17:40)
  • Meditating in nature (19:15)
  • Becoming an empty nester (20:20)
  • “Seriously? Dinosaurs in Queensland?? Get a grip!!” (22:25)
  • Yet another opportunity (21:37)
  • Grinding away rock to find dinosaur bones (24:45)
  • First witness to a 100 million-year-old twig (23:38)
  • Writing for children and young adults (26:30)
  • Supporting the local community (31:45)

Connect with Rose Siva:

Website: https://rosesiva.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dinobooksforkids/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rose.siva.7

Other Resources Mentioned in Podcast:

Australian Dinosaur Book Series https://rosesiva.com/books/