29th July 2020

Tracey Benson | Awaken to Joy

Today’s pod guest is a wonderful soul, whom we are very grateful to have connected with, a lady who lives in Arizona in the USA: Tracey Benson

Tracey is the founder of Joyful-Souls and the Joyful-Souls Podcast.

She is a Lifestyle Strategist, who believes in relational business, and partners with her clients to guide them to create the lifestyle of their dreams. She Tracey is a coach, speaker, podcaster, entrepreneur, broker and owner of a boutique real estate brokerage.

Tracey is widely educated, an avid lover of learning, with wisdom in fields such as engineering, business and nursing. She is a self-proclaimed personal development junkie and has a passion to help others find their inner hero, and therefore take their lives from ordinary to extraordinary.

We have had the pleasure of getting to know Tracey through a couple of courses we completed over the past year, and have been touched and inspired by this lady’s unconditional spirit of love and kindness.

Tracey is on a mission to elevate the frequency of the planet through joy.

In this episode, Tracey shares how she journeyed from a place of not knowing how to access joy to living it every day, and to attracting her tribe of joyful souls.

It was an absolute pleasure to have Tracey join us for a heart -awakening conversation. We wish for you, our listener, to awaken fully to the essence of joy, and like Tracey, to be that joyful soul who touches everyone in their path, so they too feel grateful to have known her.

Turn up the volume, enjoy!

In This Episode Find Out:

  • Tracey’s story begins, 57 years ago [03:10]
  • An empowering realisation after her divorce [04:20]
  • Power of mindset [05:15]
  • The point when she realised that her children were learning how “not” to have a relationship [06:40]
  • Tracey’s struggle with feeling joy [09:30]
  • How finding the key to joy shifted her life in ways she could never imagine [10:45]
  • Finding gratitude in all things big and small [13:50]
  • Gratitude for those things that are not so great [15:00]
  • What she would tell her younger self if she had a chance [23:45]
  • How Tracey navigated the empty nest [28:10]
  • The shift in a couple’s relationship as an empty nester [29:15]
  • It is important to get out and explore [34:50]
  • Bringing joy through “walking” FaceBook Lives [36:10]
  • Contribution is the way we connect [39:30]

Connect with Tracey Benson:

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/tracey.benson.501

FB Page: Joyful Souls - https://www.facebook.com/TraceyEBenson

FB Group: Joyful Souls Rising: https://www.facebook.com/groups/428149454476187?ref=pages_group_cta