22nd July 2020

Rohan O’Reilly | Awaken to a New Reality

Today’s pod guest is another dear friend of ours, a unique gentleman who has a passion for growth and a dogged persistence like no other: Rohan O’Reilly

Born in the tough western suburbs of Sydney, with neurological problems, and learning difficulties, led Rohan to seek energy, clarity and a healthy body and mind. He adjusted his angles many times, spending 30+ years looking for new approaches, admitting that he has failed and bailed more than anyone he knows.

Rohan is the founding partner in EngageVR, a new standard of the use of VR, which is used in tandem with other modalities in neurological rehabilitation, that is, the treatment of people who have had strokes, acute and chronic pain, autism, PTSD etc.

Rohan also has 2 other exciting projects in the making. One is Neuromersive, medical technology for the treatment of upper limb dysfunction with an estimated launch late July 2020 as a medical prototype in New South Wales. The other is a Low flight G.E.M - Ground Effect Machine, Rohan’s dream since he was 6 years old.

At 51 years old, Rohan relates to us the long yet necessary journey of becoming who he needed to be, to be able to bring all 3 of these major and impactful projects to life, all driven by a deep sense of wanting to make a difference and a desire for others to feel loved.

It was an absolute pleasure to have Rohan join us as our guest, who by the way, can juggle 3 x 15 kg balls! We wish for you, our listener, to be inspired to awaken to a new reality of possibilities, and like Rohan, to never give up on your dreams.

In This Episode Find Out:

  • Still a kid who just turned 51 [03:00]
  • We never know how long we’ve got [04:14]
  • Ro’s guiding light principle [04:30]
  • Being the result of a failed abortion was the best thing that could have ever happened to him [05:48]
  • Deep gratitude for his parents [06:57]
  • Overcoming neurological and learning difficulties [08:08]
  • The vision that Rohan felt would liberate him from feeling trapped [09:08]
  • What performance really is [12:17]
  • The 2 simple solutions to healthy living [14:55]
  • The journey towards Engage VR [16:08]
  • If I burn myself out, I am defeating the purpose of helping people [19:34]
  • The power of being part of a team [20:40]
  • How VR assists with chronic pain [27:48]
  • VR & meditation [31:07]
  • Neuromersive Project born by one young mum with a paralysed arm [34:59]
  • Ro’s 6 year old passion turned contribution [37:45]

Connect with Rohan O’Reilly:

Website: https://www.engagevr.com.au/

Email: roreilly@engagevr.com.au