with Gill & Pete Eason

8th July 2020

Gill & Peter Eason | Awakening Community Spirit

On today’s pod, Episode # 12, we welcome a very awesome empty nester couple. This couple led a very successful business, in the mining town of Singleton, contributing regularly to the community. Now in their 60s, they have led lives filled with much adventure, learning and service: Gill & Peter Eason

Gill and Peter are a true beacon of light for community service, lighting a flame in my own heart for contribution to community. Gill has a heart of gold, serving unconditionally and always with a big smile on her face. Peter is a man, fitter than most 20 year olds, who is always up for the next adventure, and a master storyteller who had us in fits of laughter.

It is an honour to have Gill & Peter as our guests, a couple who encompass exactly what is important to live a fulfilling life, plenty of experiences and adventure, committed contribution and uplifting connection with their community, consistent learning and a good dose of humour.

Their spirit will inspire you. Enjoy.

In This Episode Find out:

  • Moving house with a 6-week old and a 2 year old (05:40)
  • The house that Pete built (06:00)
  • The new home search that took only 3 days (9:15)
  • Contributing to the community (14:30)
  • “Don’t try this at home!” (20:26)
  • The safest thing you can do in the air... (21:46)
  • “We are going to Everest.” (25:20)
  • Gratitude for the monastery visit with a Rinpoche (30:30)
  • Trekking in Tasmania (32:30)
  • Mental growth (36:45)
  • What to do when you hit roadblocks (44:20)

Connect with Pete & Gill:

Through us, The Dream Architects, Michelle and Mark at podcast@thedreamarchitects.com

Mentioned in podcast:

'Blaze Aid' - A volunteer-based organisation that works with families and individuals in rural Australia after natural disasters such as fires and floods.