1st July 2020

Kirk Nugent | Awakening Your Passion

On today’s pod, Episode # 11, we welcome a very special guest, a man whose live stage rendition of “Pursue Your Passion” had the hairs on the back of Michelle’s neck stand up: Kirk Nugent

We guarantee that you too, will be deeply touched by this great man’s passion and truth.

Kirk Nugent inspired the great Les Brown to proclaim,

“Kirk is a poignant speaker who challenges us to step out in faith towards our dreams.”

Kirk has for two decades been a catalyst for change, challenging preconceived notions about success and self-actualization. He started public speaking in poetry venues, with infectious wit and passionate energy. Early audiences crowned him, “The People’s Poet”. Over the decades, Kirk expanded his speaking base to include college campuses, keynote addresses for Fortune 500 companies, church ministries, and empowerment workshops.

He is a sought after international speaker and author of 3 books, and well known for his electrifying audio set, "Pursue Your Passion”.

It is an honour to have Kirk as our guest, a man who truly embodies passion, purpose and truth. Be prepared to have your passion ignited, no matter who you are or where you are in the world, we all have an innate right to chase our dreams, and as we do so, we give others permission to grab their dream.

Kirk is the living testament of a soul once battered and bruised that has emerged victorious in the face of overwhelming odds. The triumph of this man’s human spirit will inspire you. Enjoy.

In This Episode Find out:

  • How Kirk started in life (04:05)
  • Les Brown’s influence (05:10)
  • The conversation with the incense seller on the sidewalk, that completely floored Kirk and set him on a new path (6:40)
  • What the soul does not care about (11:00)
  • What Kirk feels the Universe is telling us to do (12:13)
  • The two powerful principles that Kirk lives his life by (12:40)
  • If I don’t know my passion,what is the answer?(17:15)
  • The transition of an empty nester, what is next? (22:00)
  • The Sound of Melanin, Kirk as inspirational speaker and Kirk as poet (26:10)
  • “Spend it on you because we gonna spend it on your coffin when you’re gone!” (33:40)
  • Kirk’s definition of an awakening soul (36:35)

Connect with Kirk Nugent:

Website: https://www.kirknugent.com[new site launching soon]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kirknugent

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kirknugent2/

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/kirknugent

Look out for:

The Sound Of Melanin

'Destiny' by Kirk Nugent

'Answer The Call' by Kirk Nugent

'I Need You to Remember' by Kirk Nugent