24th June 2020

Nancy Walters | Awakening Unto Yourself

On today’s pod, we welcome a divine being who has a magical way of holding space, for others to awaken unto themselves: Nancy Walters

Nancy’s passion and true calling is in helping other women find the light within themselves. Her own profound awakening, accompanied by years of transformational teachings, have become a source of inspiration so others can ultimately awaken to their own empowered greatness.

It is a pleasure to have Nancy as our guest, a woman who truly embodies beauty, grace and femininity.

Ladies, may you be inspired to dive into your essence, into your divine and to give yourself the gift, of opening yourself to deeper levels of awareness, of rediscovering the goddess within.

Gentlemen, you will find many gems within this conversation, to help you to connect at an even deeper level with women and with your own feminine energy.

In This Episode Find out:

  • How a dose of perseverance, patience and trust manifested a dream for Nancy (03:00)
  • Trees, duck frogs and jumping jack ants (04:00)
  • Nancy’s awakening (7:30)
  • “I feel like it’s groundhog day over and over again…” (12:30)
  • When Nancy decided to tap into her intuition and take the chance (12:45)
  • How to tap into that inner wisdom and not go into the head (14:00)
  • “You’re never too old...” (16:50)
  • To lean into the uncomfortable, walk into the fire (17:20)
  • What is the divine feminine (20:00)
  • The wisdom Michelle learned from participating in Nancy’s class (22:15)
  • That Receiving is feminine energy (24:20)
  • Men, women and feminine energy (25:30)
  • Letting the armour melt (33:00)

Connect with Nancy Walters:

Website: https://www.radiantlydivine.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/radiantlydivine

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/radiantlydivine

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nancy-walters90292/