Episode 1 - Awakening with Michelle & Mark

21st April 2020

Welcome to ‘The Awakening Empty Nester Podcast’.

This episode titled ‘Awakening’ introduces you to your hosts, Michelle and Mark.

Launched in April 2020, during a global pandemic where fear and scarcity have become the currency of conversation, we believe there is no better time than now, to begin a journey of awakening. Awakening to experience more deeply, awakening to unconditional contribution, and awakening to consistent learning & growth. Like your hosts and their extraordinary guests, you will be inspired to awaken to an extraordinary life.

Born from a union of love and a deep desire to serve the empty-nester community, you will learn in this first episode, who this unique & special couple, Michelle & Mark is. Listen in to their personal journeys of life experience, contribution and growth, and how they navigated through many a transition. You will feel inspired to become the architect of your dreams and learn how to navigate change with greater peace and grace.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • About Michelle and Mark - who they are and what they do. (2:35)
  • What the 3 pillars of the ECG Life Pulse are (4:35)
  • About Michelle’s backstory in living overseas, becoming bilingual and how she came to own her space. (6:44)
  • About Mark’s career journey plus the passing of his wife and how this challenging experience shifted his path to a craving for a more soul-fulfilling life. (9:39)
  • How bankruptcy, betrayal, and illness led Michelle to her awakening. (11:15)
  • Two things that often trigger shifts in your life. (12:47)
  • How, during the years as a nesting parent, self-care and self-love are often forgotten. (13:23)
  • The three principles that Mark lives by. (18:57)
  • Three life tools that Michelle uses. (20:51)

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