The Warmest Of Welcomes To
The Empty Nester Blog

September 2020

Do you ever feel like there is something missing in your life?

Maybe you have been feeling lost and alone ever since your children left home. Maybe you’ve reached a point in life where you’re thinking this all there is? Perhaps it’s something else that you can’t quite put your finger on.

Many of us go through difficult seasons where we feel lost, alone, and where it seems like things just aren’t going to get any better. Change can be quite daunting, and the transition into empty nester-hood can perhaps be one of the most daunting kinds of change. This season in particular can easily cause us to feel lost, disengaged, and irrelevant. How do we know? Because we’ve been there.

We are Michelle & Mark, the Dream Architects, and as fellow empty-nesters, we have looked through your eyes and walked in your shoes. We understand how you are feeling. That’s why we would like to offer a helping hand. It is our goal to raise the consciousness of empty nesters around the world, by giving them everything they need to add more life to their lives. We are here to give you the tools you need to make this next season of your life one of the most enjoyable, memorable, fulfilling, and meaningful yet. All we need from you is to firstly believe that this is possible.

At the heart of our teachings is our intent to help you increase your ‘ECG Life Pulse’ by mastering our 3 key pillars, of Experience, Contribution, and Growth:


Life is a gift, however, it is also a very fleeting one…How many times do you catch yourself thinking,

Where did all the time go?

You have a limited amount of time here on this Earth, and so the best possible way to spend it is to find a way to enjoy and embrace every moment of your life. The purpose of life is exactly that.As George Shaw reminds us, we don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.

Maximising your empty-nester experience starts with a perspective shift. It starts with looking at this next chapter of your life in an empowering way. Choose to see your empty-nester season as a new beginning. As a grand opportunity.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.Dr Wayne Dyer

One of the many blessings that the empty nester life offers us is the time to simply pause and reflect. To look inward, and tune into the presence within. We invite you to take some time out to go within, to contemplate, and listen to the wisdom of the presence. The still, small voice inside your heart, that remembers who you are, knows what you really want, and somehow already knows how you are going to make this next season of your life one of your best yet. Trust in this wisdom. Let it guide you and help you find clarity.

What is your compelling vision? What kind of life and lifestyle do you really want to create for yourself? What are your grandest goals and dreams? What MUST you experience before your life is over? What would you do or attempt in this life if you knew you could not fail?


The second pillar of our ECG Life Pulse is contribution.


Because few things set the human spirit on fire in the way that contribution does.

One of the foundations of contribution that we teach is to contribute to self first, in a nurturing, kind and loving way.

Honouring and respecting self, and being appreciative of all that we are, are acts of self-love. When we serve from our cup that is overflowing, we serve with more freedom and abundance. This allows us to give to others unconditionally and without expectation, out of a sheer desire to share with them what we already have an abundance of.

Contribution not only makes the world a better place, but inspires others to pay your gift forward. Who knows…one small act of contribution could be a fork in the road that could restore a lost soul’s faith in humanity, and remind them that life truly is worth living.


On this journey we invite you to seek out ways to expand your mind, heart and spirit. What areas of your life and personal development would you like to take to the next level? What are you most curious about? How can you become more of who you are by listening to and following your heart, curiosity, and intuition? We really are all giants on the inside. By becoming a growth-oriented person and committing to being a lifelong learner, you will astound yourself with what you are truly capable of becoming in this life.

We challenge you in this season to move towards the things you really want in life, even though the thought of doing these things might scare you. You are going to grow the most anytime you can brave the fear of stretching beyond your comfort zone. We can only become more when we step beyond what we have been in the past.

A strong ECG life pulse, combined with a strong, healthy, and vibrant body, will not only add more years to your life, but more life to your years. That’s really what it’s all about. That’s what we’re all about. Getting the most out of yourself and of life. We are here to help you do all that and more.

Life is a gift. The purpose of it is to find a way to enjoy it, and make your life an act of service to your fellow man.

I think Corey Wayne said it best...

‘‘The journey towards your goals is like a train leaving the station.It travels at a slow
and steady speed.
It will eventually reach its destination.

You running around inside the train in frustration isn’t going to make your future happen
or arrive any faster. Find a way to enjoy your journey instead.’’

We look forward to working with you and helping you take your first brave step on your new journey, of meeting this new season with an open mind and a willing heart.

Aren't you worth it?