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are you ready to conquer this next phase of your life?

Let’s start this new phase with a clear vision of your goals,

and amplify your dreams, while giving you some BIG tools to set you up for the year.

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We have found when our clients have 'skin in the game' they are more motivated &

accountable for owning their growth and success.

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Game On!
Meet your guides for challenge.

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Join Us, Michelle & Mark,
Founders of The Dream Architects,
as we walk you through the exact process & playbooks that we use personally,
and with our inspired & purpose-driven empty-nester clients, just like you!

Join our Conquer Challenge Week to get you set up for the an incredible new phase

Challenge Dates: coming soon

In these 5 days you will:

Day 1:
Unpack the "old" you

Explore your defining moments.

Learn to Clear Your Mind of the Clutter + Limiting Beliefs

day 2:

Design Your Personal Dream Mandala

day 3:
Packing What You Need

Decide which Beliefs, Learnings & Life Tools You Will Need on Your Journey

day 4:
Overcoming Obstacles

Transitioning Across the Gap

day 5:
Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

What’s Next?

In these 5 days, we will get you organized with your marketing message and business goals

to create your action plan to soar!

Here’s the Nitty-Gritty


Starting soon


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Only $22 to join, fully refunded when you complete the challenge when you submit a photo of your action gameplan.

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