Attention Empty Nesters:

are you ready to conquer 2020?

It’s a brand new decade! Let’s start this decade with clear vision into your 2020 goals, and amplify your dreams while giving you some BIG tools to set you up for the year.

Within just 5 days from February 10-14,

let’s get you set up for sustainable growth in 2020!

Free challenge – only $22 to join,

fully refunded when you complete the challenge.

Just submit proof of your 2020 Action Gameplan anytime Feb 10th – 14th.

Why $22 if we refund you anyways?

This is so you get your skin in the game so you’re accountable for owning

your growth and success.

Challenge Dates: February 10th to February 14th, 2020

Game On!
Meet your guides for challenge.

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Join Michelle & Mark, Founders of The Dream Architects, as they walk you through the exact process & the playbooks we use ourselves & to consult inspired, purpose drvien empty nesters, so you can make it yours.

Join our Conquer Challenge Week to get you set up for the an incredible 2020

Challenge Dates: February 10th to 14th, 2020

In these 5 days you will:

Day 1:
Unpack the "old" you

Explore your defining moments.

Learn to Clear Your Mind of the Clutter + Limiting Beliefs

day 2:

Design Your Personal Dream Mandala

day 3:
Packing What You Need

Decide which Beliefs, Learnings & Life Tools You Will Need on Your Journey

day 4:
Overcoming Obstacles

Transitioning Across the Gap

day 5:
Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

What’s Next?

In these 5 days, we will get you organized with your marketing message and business goals

to create your action plan to soar in 2020!

Here’s the Nitty-Gritty


The challenge happens from February 10th to 14th


We’ve made it easy: Online.
After you register, you’ll receive access details,
so you can join online from anywhere!


Only $22 to join, fully refunded when you complete the challenge when you submit a photo of your action gameplan.

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