Does this sound familiar?

  • You have been chasing your goals, advancing your career, supporting your family, & now ... as an empty nester dad you feel empty, unfulfilled & somehow all this effort just hasn’t given you the life you thought it would.
  • Your mind and body are disconnected. You remember how you used to feel & look when you were in your 20’s & maybe your 30’s, but now in your 40’s, 50’s, or even your 60’s, your body is a little larger & rounder, it's weak & stiff, and you have more aches & pains than ever before.
  • You feel bored & tired, wandering aimlessly through life wanting more but you have had enough ... there’s no drive, no motivation, no passion, no fun or enjoyment, and no sense of purpose.
  • Sometimes you feel alone, missing the days of mateship with like-minded people, spending time with guys that spirited you on, & had your back.
  • Or maybe you have been trying to be the man that society deems to be a ‘successful’ father & leader, you have been doing everything possible to be the man “who has it all together”, yet you are feeling lost & alone, you are struggling with the competing demands of health & wealth, relationships & your career.

guys, if this sounds like you

I get it, I felt the same. I too found it very difficult to ask for help and
Maybe like you, I ended up doing it all on my own. It's hard work, right?

As men, we have been taught to push through the challenges, and if that means going it alone, then so be it.
But, this is a BS illusion.
Because most guys do NOT “have it all together” and most times we are just too proud,
or stubborn, to ask for help.
So, we struggle with one of these areas in our lives, and often more.

it is time to take charge of your life!

Join like-minded MEN in this value-packed & focused program
that will give you the tools & strategies to step closer to :

Design the next phase of your life

Regain the Passion & Enjoyment

Optimize Your Physical Health

Unlock the blocks that have been holding you back from being
the MAN that you know you are at your core.

What is included?

  • 3 x 1Hr Live Coaching Sessions:- participate in live coaching sessions with Mark (Human Potential & WildFit Coach for Empty Nesters).
  • Recordings of live calls:- receive recordings of all coaching calls so you can watch again in your time.
  • Playbook:- Your personal Playbook to write down your learnings and insights.
  • A 30-minute personal strategic coaching session:- to guide you through your personal challenge.

Cost: Free

Monday 12th, 14th & 16th July, 2021

Places are limited

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Mark O'toole

Human Potential Coach for Empty Nesters.
Mark is an Empty Nester, a Speaker, & Certified WildFit Coach.

An inspired teacher, Mark guides you to build your optimized self through focused thought & intuned feeling, great nutrition, breath, movement, and rest.

Mark has guided dads like you, through various life challenges,
to living with purpose, joy, & optimal health.