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💧 Re-Ignite Your Personal Growth
💧 Make A Positive Local & Global Impact

The Empty Nester’s Guide That Tells You Exactly How



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from Michelle & Mark,
Authors of 'The Drop Impact For E - Nesters'

Dear Empty- Nester

You matter.

When you are faced with a major life transition, when your kids have left home, it is all too easy to look at yourself in the mirror, and not even know who is looking back at you. more

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Among the 311 pages, you will discover many oases of inspiration,
insights that will shift your perspective,
ideas that will instantly transform your reality,
and heightened intuition that will guide you to transition seamlessly
through to an exciting new life chapter.

Here are a few drops of wisdom to look out for…

Chapter 1

💧 D.R.O.P. is an acronym for Discover, Reasons, Optimise and Purpose, a simple yet powerfully effective foundational tool we have personally used, to become aware of the type of "drops" we want to be in our life pond.

Chapter 2

💧 O.C.E.A.N. body wisdom helps you learn how to optimise your body vessel for many years to come. Imagine increasing your Orgasmic fitness and feeling the power it has on your creativity and life energy. Feel absolute certainty and stillness through centering your Core. Awaken and pulsate with renewed Energy. Activate your movement through rhythmic flow, and Nourish and nurture your ocean body using your personal body optimisation code.

Chapter 3

💧 F.L.O.W. Matrix helps you access Freedom, Flexibility and Clarity of Mind, Forgiveness of Heart; Limitless Living - life flow as your heart flow opens - do, be, have and give abundantly; Opening of Your Heart to Trust, Love & Flow, Appreciation, Gratitude; and Impact more lives as you flow from parent to World Parent

Chapter 4

💧 T.I.D.E. Transformation helps you transition the change by implementing powerful life tools and wisdom; It teaches you how to enhance your Intuition, as you surrender to being in flow. Learn how to make intentional and masterful Decisions; Experience & Explore your now and create a blueprint for the next chapter.

Chapter 5

💧 S.A.I.L. Connector invites you to engage into meaningful relationships, where you feel you belong, and importantly where you can contribute.

Our deepest desire is to connect and to feel like we belong. This is the most natural need we have, from the moment we are born to the time we die.

Chapter 6

💧 W.A.V.E. Energy helps you to open your taps to wealth attraction, financial buoyancy and unlimited resources of time and money,

so that you are continuously adding value to your and others lives.

Chapter 7

💧 RIPPLE Impact is about understanding how our greatest joy comes from giving and serving.

This chapter is all about sharing your unique and newly crafted DROP with the people around you and the world at large.

Unconditional, nil expectation service is the ultimate gift of joy and fulfilment you give yourself.

…and so much more

… There is a lot packed in this book, AND it gets better because you will also receive …

A 7-Day ECG Living Online Course

Together with the book, you will also receive full access to a full 7-day program where you will be guided to create new choices, for a more liberated and focused you.

You will learn practical tools to support what you have learned in the book.

You will feel more on purpose, clearer and way more excited about waking up each morning.

When you use and apply the lessons from this program, two things will happen…

💧 Your life will feel brighter, lighter and more joyful.

💧 You will truly sense your worth, and the potential impact you can have.

One of the top needs of a human being is connection.

Your life is enriched by feeling connected, to yourself, to others, to nature.

Throughout the book, and the program, you will be reminded of the impact of these connections, to enhance your positive impact - your DROP Impact.


WHY The Drop Impact For E-Nesters?

9 out of 10 people do nothing different when their kids leave home.

They continue to "exist" without a vibrant life pulse.

They experience more "lows" than "highs".

Life becomes mediocre.

Depression, addiction and suicide is not uncommon.

Those who thrive, decide to experience more of life,

embrace and apply new learnings

and also open their hearts up to serve.

We believe that each one of you has a purpose, a message,

a gift to serve to the world.

Whether it is to be a loving grandparent,

a mentor to another child, an author of a book,

an entrepreneur, a founder, a visionary,

a loyal employee, a caring lifelong friend, a wonderful singer,

an inspiring world record holder for balancing more than 22 toothpicks on your nose,

whatever it is, you want to know you are making a difference in someone's life,

because your gift comes from YOU.

We want to help you share it with the world.


Be inspired to be the DROP you want to be that will IMPACT the world.

Transition with ease, flow, and anticipation.

About The Authors

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💧Mark O'Toole

Entrepreneurial Architect

Mark is a father of twin daughters, who are now in their 20's, and have flown the nest to lead their lives in their chosen careers of music & sound. He left his career in Architecture after 23 years designing & managing other people’s dream projects, to now pursue a mission where he makes a more personal & long-lasting positive impact in peoples lives.

Mark is the CEO of 'The Dream Architects' &

a Certified Wildfit Coach.

He is a leader, a teacher, and altruist who has a passion for travel & adventure while truly experiencing & treasuring life's memorable moments.

Together with his fiancee, Michelle, he is co-author of their soon to be released book ...

'The Drop Impact for E-Nesters’.

A speaker and eternal student in mindset, energy, health, martial arts, & photography, Mark is curious about ways he can continue to optimise his life experiences & is passionate about helping others do the same.

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💧Michelle Lee

Dream Designer

Michelle is a proud and loving Mum to her two daughters who are in their 20's, and are leading independent lives now. An experienced Personal Development Coach for more than 10 years, she dedicated her time to helping youth & their parents through challenging times, both through her business and at a voluntary level.

She is Author of two books. Her first titled “Ripples” and second, co-authored with Mark, is soon to be released, titled ...

The Drop Impact for E-Nesters”.

Michelle is a speaker and former Coordinator of a Local Charity, where she demonstrated a huge passion to serve, and impacting over 8000 lives over 4 years.

Michelle ran a successful Physiotherapy practice for over 20 years, before igniting her passion to be a Coach. She is a highly sought-after teacher through her business UpnAway Life Coaching.

Michelle is a passionate and seasoned traveller, has more curiosity than her two cats, Marshall and Mr. Whistler. She is the fun part of 'The Dream Architects' with her crazy sense of humour, a weird love for penguins, and a huge heart to serve.