Connecting with Your Heart, Body & Brain
To Make Lasting Change To Your Empty Nester Health

December 2020

So many people struggle with making lasting change to their health.

Is it any wonder why?

It’s like a minefield out there of "eat this, don't eat that," or “this is good for you, this is bad for you.”

You know how it is. We’ve felt the same way. It is no wonder you are confused, overwhelmed, and that your health goals always seem to end up back at square one, or so far away you can hardly believe they are possible, you’ve already given up.

With so many theories out there, how do we REALLY know what our body needs? How do we find the truth amidst the lies? How do we see beyond the marketing manipulation, the misleading education, and the dysfunctional societal conditioning?

Is there even an answer?

YES, there is. And that answer is already inside each and every one of us.

The all-knowing, all-powerful presence within ourselves. The inner wisdom that is always there, always calm, and that always connects us to our highest good.

The Wildfit method [My Body Matters program] honours this wisdom. It helps you silence the noise of the outside world, and tune into your own body and its needs. The program accomplishes this through a combination of mindset, awareness and educational optimisation, underpinned with an unconditional self-love which allows everything else to fall into place.


How often do you catch yourself acting within the confines of your rules, rationalisations, and emotional impulses around food? Maybe you don’t even catch yourself anymore, because your eating decisions have become so automated that you just mindlessly reach for certain foods thinking they will fulfill your needs.

But do these foods really fulfill your needs?

Think about this.

Half an hour after you’ve filled yourself with an extra cheesy pizza, some chips, an ice cream and some popcorn, what sound would your insides be making? Most would say a sluggish and distasteful “Ughhh.”

We know it’s the truth - yet, so often we are disconnected from or disregard that truth. We lose touch with our body and the inner wisdom that connects us to what we know is right for us.

WildFit helps you to become totally present and aware of your body's needs. It helps you see and feel beyond the emotional impulses, the rules, and the beliefs, and allows you to understand what your body really craves.


Humans are emotional creatures. We make our decisions based upon emotion. The trouble is, for many people, their positive emotions are lined up with negative behaviours (thanks largely to marketing manipulation).

Wildfit helps you align your positive emotions with positive eating choices and vice versa, so that you will never have to fight cravings with willpower again.

This program will help you locate where your North Star truly is. A North Star that is so emotionally compelling to you that it pulls you in its direction, instead of you having to push yourself towards it through sheer force of will.

Imagine a life where it is easy and effortless

for you to do what you know to be right.


How willing would you be to give a loved one something that you knew was bad for them? It’s no question - you just wouldn’t - you love them. Yet, why do so many of us treat ourselves so badly with food? Sadly, it is because we are disconnected from our own self-love.

Any positive change you are trying to make has to come from a place of self-love.

When you connect to gratitude, kindness and your truth, you will realise that you 0and your body are worth your own undying care. Everything else will then fall into place.

You can do this.

Book a call right now with our Certified Wildfit Coach, Mark O’Toole, to embark on a journey towards lasting change with your relationship with food. Are you worth it?