Flip Your Belief About Aging

20 November 2020

Growing older in years doesn’t have to mean the deterioration of your health and wellness. When you give your body everything it needs to maintain optimum health and strong immunity, you can absolutely enjoy a quality of life that allows you to thrive, and continue getting the most out of your body.

There are certain foods and lifestyle choices that you need to engage with in order to maintain a healthy body and strong immune system. Imagine if for the majority of 40+ years, you had been failing to meet these needs. Your immune system would be compromised, and you would be more susceptible to infection. That’s why, as an empty nester, it's perhaps more important than ever to get focused on your health, so you can preserve and optimise your body for the long term.

If you think of your blood as the water in a fish tank, it needs to be kept clean and pure in order to enjoy optimum health and longevity. You ensure this by making smart nutrition and lifestyle choices – eating an abundance of nutritionally dense, natural immune boosting foods like green vegetables, and managing your stress in healthy ways. When the water in a fish tank gets cloudy and murky, as a result of poor dietary choices in our analogy, the immune system is compromised, resulting in an increased susceptibility to illness and dis-ease.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ~ Hippocrates

If you are still struggling with making lasting change to your way of health, the key is to find and get clear on your why.

Why is it important for you to really focus on preserving and optimizing your body for the long term?

You need to gather a set of emotionally compelling reasons behind why this is a MUST for you. Not a should!

A must!

What are the consequences of neglecting your health? Where will this take you in 3 months, 3 years, or 3 decades? What will it cost you over the long run? What kinds of things will you miss out on in your empty-nester experience? What are all of the negative, painful consequences that you would be burdened with?

And on the flip side of that, what do you stand to gain by making positive changes to your way of health? What are all of the pleasurable benefits you would be able to enjoy?

Knowing your ‘why,’ gets you into an empowered frame of mind so you can easily approach your health in the right way. It gives you emotional leverage to make the decisions you really want and need to make.

In those moments when you are in a state of heightened emotions, positive or negative, when you are tempted to reach for a sugary snack, your ‘why’ will motivate you to manage your stress or your celebration in a healthier way that truly serves you – perhaps with some light physical activity, practicing gratitude, or a healthier alternative.

Getting the most out of your life experience starts with getting the most out of yourself and your body . Life is more enjoyable when you feel good about yourself, and when you feel like you are putting your best self out into the world. And what’s so beautiful is that a healthier lifestyle is, in many ways, the gateway to raising your standards in the other areas of your personal development. Getting yourself into a peak-state physically is an act of self-love that inspires you to contribute more to yourself. You realise you are truly worth the effort of a long term transformation, and the continued effort of moving towards your grandest goals and dreams.

Isn’t it time to start choosing you over food?