Taming The Sugar Monster*

October 2020

The children have left home. The nest is empty. But is it really? Have you managed to part ways with the "treats" the children loved, and that you used to stock up in the pantry and fridge?

While it can be hard to wish both farewell, this empty-nester period is the perfect opportunity to welcome a fresh start to a healthier lifestyle.

Our experience with many empty-nesters who dearly want to become healthier has revealed an addiction stronger than cocaine.


Well, it's true. It is the addiction to sugar. After 40+ years of being fed, feeding on, and not even knowing you are consuming sugar, the “Sugar Monster” in you is not going to be stopping in its tracks...unless we learn how to tame it.

Addictive activity tends to fuel further addictive activity, rather than satiating it.

Gary Wilson

Back in our hunter gatherer times, the sweet taste of sugar was indicative of the availability of food. Sugar became an evolutionary incentive to us to fuel up on as much high-energy food as possible, so we would have an adequate energy reserve in the event of later famine.

Today, sugar is no longer a scarce resource. In fact, it is quite the opposite - all you have to do is scan the ingredients list of most food or drink items you see in the supermarket. Nine times out of ten, you are guaranteed to see sugar on there, often topping the list.

Just like the cocaine hit needs more cocaine the next time to satisfy the addiction, our sugar monster needs more sugar to satisfy its deep cravings, so unconsciously we seek more and more sugar hits. What once served as a useful evolutionary survival mechanism, is today controlling us and slowly killing us. You just have to look at the skyrocketing plethora of modern lifestyle diseases caused by excessive sugar intake, such as diabetes, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and even neurological problems.

So how do we tame this sugar monster?

‘‘The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.’’

~ Thomas Edison.

The outright lies, manipulation and control of the food industry is tantamount to premeditated murder. The more people we can expose this to, the more people who potentially break out of the addiction.

Being empowered with our health starts with truthful education. Most of our learning around food has been either misleading or absent. It is now very much a case of first unlearning what you have learned.

One of the key learnings is to tap into how you feel when you have a sugar hit. Do you really feel good, or do you instead feel lethargic, guilty, and craving more sugar?

Becoming consciously aware of your body and what it is saying is the key to understanding what your body really needs and not unconsciously succumbing to the past manipulative programming of the food industry.

The other major component is a shift in mindset. Letting go of any regrets or feelings of blame or guilt you may have about past decisions. Instead learn to take back responsibility for your health and well being, by emptying your cup of past beliefs, doing your own research, educating yourself and tapping into your body's inner knowing of what feels right.

The combination of awareness. nutritional and mindset education offered to empty nesters in the My Body Matters WildFit program is transforming lives.

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Isn’t it about time you put the power back where it belongs? With You!

* 'Sugar Monster' is a term coined by 'WildFit' and it's founder, Eric Edmeades.