Let’s Talk Empty Nester Health

September 2020

Does aging in years equal a decline in your health?

If you are an empty nester in your 40s, 50s or 60s, you might be old enough to remember the times when you did not have the choice of “foods” you have today, when your meals were a simple meat and vegetable dish. You have no doubt over the ensuing years, watched and engaged in a frantic, busy fast -food, fast -service, fast-everything world, where automation is not only a feature of society, it may have become a feature of your decisions.

Much of the learning you received around nutrition was either non-existent, false or made to feel unimportant. This is not your fault. Systems have been operating for decades to serve the pockets of a few big influential corporations. Your health and well being has not been their main focus.

It is no wonder that the incidence of lifestyle diseases are at plague proportions and consistently on the rise. The rate of deaths from cardiovascular disease, cancers, neurological conditions and stress are highly prevalent amongst people over 40, that it has almost become accepted fact that once you are “over the 40+ hill” you will deteriorate in your mental and physical health.

Rates of diabetes in the USA have risen from 0.91% to 7.40%
of the population since just 1960.

The immune systems of the majority of people are operating at risky compromised levels, as the cumulative effect of making poor nutritional choices for over 40 years, has caused a build-up of toxins in their bloodstream and cells, and therefore susceptibility to disease.

At the risk of sounding extremely pessimistic, there is a way out.

One of the main key ingredients that has been missing from our lives is truthful nutritional education. Ethical education is vital so that every person is therefore empowered by their knowledge and has then the freedom to make an autonomous choice.

Another major key ingredient is a shift in mindset. This includes many facets, of which a few are listed here:

  • Releasing the guilt and blame of having made poor nutrition choices in the past
  • Understanding that your environment has been bombarding you for decades with false nutrition information, both subliminally and directly
  • Taking back your responsibility for yourself and your choices
  • Letting go of the belief that increasing age equals a decline in health
  • Opening up your mind to flipping old beliefs around food

·Realising that medical doctors have had little to zero education around nutrition,

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
~ Hippocrates

When you sit in silence and quietly listen to your own wisdom, you know that what you have been feeding your body has direct correlation over your health and how you feel. If you were to listen with more alertness, you would even pick up how your body feels after each food you feed yourself, gaining powerful wisdom

Why is knowing and acting on this so important?

It comes back to YOUR emotionally compelling “why”.

Imagine if your body was full of energy, flexibility, was pain-free, and had the speed and response of your younger body, how would you be living life?

If you were to live longer, happier, healthier, then...

  • Would you be experiencing more, discovering new places, engaging in more activities?
  • Would you be contributing more, towards yourself, your family, your grandkids and to your community?
  • Would you be curious to learn and grow more, excited and passionate about engaging more of your brain cells?

Becoming clear on the reasons why you must be healthy gives you emotional leverage to make the decisions you really want and need to make, whether it is to do with nutrition of the body, mind, and soul.

Growing older in years does not have to mean the deterioration of your health and wellness. When you give your body everything it needs to maintain optimum health and strong immunity, you can absolutely enjoy a quality and length of life that allows you to thrive, and to continue getting the most out of your body.

If having optimum health and longevity and a solid immune system are something you want, it is not too late to make a change.

The combination of nutritional and mindset education offered to empty nesters in our My Body Matters WildFit program
is transforming lives.

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