Inner Dialogue

Name The Voices In Your Head

January 2021

One of the reasons so many people struggle with making the right choices where food is concerned is because they keep swallowing the same deceptive rationalisations that their 'Food Devil' or 'Sugar Monster'* feeds them.

You know the ones.

These justifications can sound quite plausible and rational in the moment, and it can certainly be hard to argue with them at the moments we are triggered. The trouble is, all too often we allow our 'Food Devil' or 'Sugar Monster' (*terms coined by WildFit founder Eric Edmeades) to have the final say in our decisions, which leads us into all kinds of bad habits.

So how can we do a better job of listening to our 'Food Angel' in these moments?

How can we see through the lies when our 'Food Devil' is giving us a persuasive sales pitch?

How can we instead tune into what our 'Food Angel' is telling us and allow it to guide us?

Try this out!

Next time your 'Food Angel', 'Food Devil', and 'Sugar Monster' start butting heads, personify them with characters who are representative of their true nature.

Spin these voices differently to characterise them in ways that are consistent with their true intentions.

For example, we know that our Food Angel is the source of true wisdom. It knows how to get us from where we are to where we want to be when we let it guide us.

What character could you think of who embodies these traits?

Master Yoda or Obi-Wan Kenobi?

Personify your Food Angel with this voice. This will help you treat it with the respect and authority it deserves.

On the other hand, our 'Food Devil' and 'Sugar Monsters' are deceptive.

They speak the language of lies disguised as rationalisations, in the devious attempt to lure us to the dark side.

Much like ... Darth Vader, Darth Maul, or Voldermort?

When you can voice the words of your Food Devil or Sugar Monster as one of these “bad guys,” it will engage more of your threat mechanism, so you will stay better alert and suspicious of what it is saying. And when you can counter its rationalisations with the truths of Master Yoda, which voice do you think you are going to trust more?

This perspective will do a lot for you. Who are your favourite characters that you could use as a persona for your

* 'Food Angel', 'Food Devil' and 'Sugar Monster' ?

Superman and Deadpool?

Yin and Yang?

Black and White?

Whatever works for you. Try it out and have some fun with it.

* 'Food Angel', 'Food Devil', & 'Sugar Monster' are terms coined by 'WildFit' and its founder, Eric Edmeades.