January 2021

Human beings have six basic needs

Every day, consciously or unconsciously, we are constantly trying to experience them.

Tony Robbins lists them as:

6 human needs

One of the needs that food allows us to meet is our need for variety.

We have a core need for novelty, for new stimuli, and for change. This is why it is natural to be curious, to be seeking other options in life. Our need for variety also complements our need for growth. We are constantly looking to expand who we are and to evolve as individuals. We don’t like feeling stuck and stagnant with the “same old same old.”

Have you ever made too much for dinner, and after 3 days straight of eating the leftovers, you are completely sick of it? That's partly because you are craving variety.

Variety hunger actually evolved as an evolutionary incentive for our hunter-gatherer ancestors to seek out a range of foods, so they could access a fuller range of nutrients. While this served our ancestors well at a time when food was much scarcer, unfortunately the food industry today preys on our evolved need for variety, to keep us coming back for more of their product. For so long we have been given multiple choices in our processed food supermarkets, catching our eyes with pretty colours, our emotions with compelling slogans, and our taste buds with inventive new flavours.

Take a moment to look at the product development and marketing of pizza. Notice how the industry is always introducing new variations, flavours, and textures, all in the attempt to crank up our variety hunger into overdrive. It’s no wonder those pizza advertisements leave us salivating every time!

This kind of food marketing fuels a dysfunctional scenario where we are craving and eating food for the wrong reasons. When you look at the food industry today which markets an unending variety with food, it is not entirely your fault that you are in a constant state of craving and acting upon false hunger?

While all this variety can get us into trouble, the opposite is also true. Trying to meet your health goals by confining yourself to strictly a piece of lettuce or a carrot stick for breakfast, lunch and dinner actually works against you. It sets you up to succumb to variety hunger at some point sooner or later, and more than likely reach for your favourite sugary snack.

Have you ever been on a very restrictive diet only to find yourself rummaging through the pantry a few days in, looking for something different?

This is why any long term, sustainable way of healthy eating should allow for an abundance of variety.

Isn't it freeing to hear that for once

Start experimenting with new foods, spices, combinations of ingredients, and new recipes. Be mesmerized, curious, excited, and in positive anticipation of your every meal.

Start asking yourself high quality, empowering questions, such as:

“How can I enjoy the process of becoming healthier by experimenting with new varieties of textures, ingredients, and tastes?”

“What healthier options can I try on my favourite restaurant menu that are new and exciting?”

“How can I meet my need for variety and be healthy at the same time?”

Remember, as Tony Robbins reminds us ...

“The quality of your life is in direct proportion
to the quality of the questions
that you consistently ask yourself.”

If you want to have a high-quality life, start asking yourself high-quality questions that aim at empowering solutions instead of excuses.

It is time right now to take back your power, to take responsibility for what you put in your bodies, to educate yourselves, to become empowered. There are countless recipes out there for healthy meals that you will love, so get excited, and get healthy!

Click on this link to access 3 tasty and healthy recipes to enjoy.