Shift Emotional Eating in 2 weeks!

Do you feel powerless over food and wish you could

say NO to your cravings?

Do you race to that hidden snack stash whenever you’re

feeling sad or overwhelmed?

Do you seek comfort with 'Ben & Jerry' over an ice cream

(instead of treating yourself a yoga session)

after a stressful day at work?

You Are NOT Alone !

Imagine a life where you are empowered and free

to choose what you do and don’t eat.

A life where food is used to nourish and energise your body rather than soothe emotions.

This is the WildFit way of life and it starts with learning how to
shift your mindset and relationship with food.

The WildFit 90 Day Challenge was designed to change how you feel about food.

And most of that internal shift happens

in the first 2 weeks.

It is in these first 2 weeks that you’ll achieve
powerful insights
into something you’ve struggled with for years.

You’ll realise that your many (MANY) diet strategies
to lose weight have been the exact reason your
emotional eating has gotten worse year after year,
kilo after kilo.

We want you to know that it doesn’t have to be this way.

What is wildfit ?
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Developed through the extensive study of human evolution and

modern hunter-gatherer communities,

one of WildFit’s most central principles is that “every living thing has a diet”

and that when we consistently eat our correct human diet,

we experience greater health and longevity.

Listen to the Founder of WildFit, Eric Edmeades,

as he briefly explains the program.

Your WildFit 'Taste Test'

A unique opportunity is available for you right NOW

Take the first 2 weeks of our 90 Day Challenge

so that you can see for yourself what makes the


method different than any other diet you've tried.

Let’s face it losing weightis still high on the list of

things Empty Nesters wish they could do.

Yet what usually destroys all of those really

good intentions and efforts, is Emotional eating.

Isn't that true?

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Our next WildFit 2-week Taste Test starts

Monday 7th June 2021

You might be saying:

"I can't start this now! I have to attend a wedding, birthday party, BBQ, family dinner, vacation, etc .

We get it, you have a life to live. But ... what if we told you,

you won’t have to give up ANY of your favorite foods.

Really, we mean it.

You won’t have to buy any special foods, clean out your pantry,

or buy any products, shakes, pills, or pre-made meals.

We promise.

Success stories:


What is included in the 2-week Taste Test?

  • Access to the program:- receive your personal login to access the training videos delivered by WildFit Founder & Master Coach, Eric Edmeades.
  • Live coaching calls:- participate in live coaching calls with Mark (Certified WildFit Coach) and your fellow WildFitters in a private setting (on Zoom).
  • Private Facebook group:- join your WildFitter classmates in a private FB group to ask questions, share stories, support each other, and learn more about healthy living.
  • Recordings of the live calls:- receive recordings of all coaching calls so you will never miss out or watch again in your time.

If you’ve been wanting to try the WildFit 90 Day Challenge but are still unsure,

try the first 2-weeks
and get a sneak peek at why this program is so successful at helping people.

shed weight, gain energy, and shift your relationship with food,

Mark is a Certified WildFit Coach

& has guided many people like you

through these life-changing 2 weeks.

So you are in good hands.


Our next WildFit 2-week Taste Test starts

Monday 7th June 2021

Registrations close

Thursday 3rd June 2021

Act NOW!

Your investment in WildFit 2-week Taste Test

Only $55

amounts in AUD

We believe there is no health program that can transform your entire lifestyle in 2-weeks.

We also believe “get thin quick schemes don’t work’.

This is why the 12-week Taste Test will help you understand your relationship with food

so that you have the power to choose what you do and don’t eat.

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